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Back in October, during the promotion of the 20th anniversary edition of Hybrid Theory, Mike Shinoda surprised fans with a photo from a previously unknown Xero performance at Backside Records Burbank. Now, thanks to Jeff Blue's book, released a couple days ago, we became aware of many new shows and were able to add many notes to already existing show pages.


Two frat party shows are mentioned in the book, a Halloween 1998 show in Long Beach with Danny Goodwin of Virgin Records in audience and a UCLA show in November. The fact that Xero played at many frat parties was previously told by Mike Giangreco (Brad's boss at The Roxy and Whisky A Go Go) in the 2004 unauthorized documentary "Conspiracy Theory", but this is the first time we hear about specific shows.


The two other new Xero dates are 1998 label showcases for Warner/Reprise on November 14 and November 22. On the second date they were rejected by none other than David Kahne, who would eventually become Jeff Blue's boss at Warner Bros. Records.


Three showcases with Chester are described in the book. The first one is a big showcase for various record labels at the band's rehearsal studio while the others are specific showcases for Radioactive/MCA and Warner. This Warner showcase is the one that finally landed the band on the label. Jeff Blue provides a big list of labels that rejected the band prior to this, which includes Red Ant, Capricorn, Epitaph, DV8, Lava, Radioactive, DreamWorks, Elektra, Atlantic, Warner (3 times), Reprise, Arista, RCA, Interscope, Flawless, Universal, Universal/Republic, Capitol (3 times), Virgin, Disney, Hollywood Records, A&M, MCA, Island/Def Jam, Mercury, American Recordings and Columbia.


Thanks to the book, we now have confirmation that Phoenix was in the band since Xero's very first show and left soon after Mark. Kyle Christener was the band's bass player when they started auditions for a new singer and stayed in the band until they were signed to Warner in late 1999. Phoenix rejoined Linkin Park for P.O.D's Kings Of The Game Tour in November 2000. An interesting note is that the tour almost didn't happen because P.O.D.'s management wanted Linkin Park to pay to be on the tour. They got around that by having Linkin Park's management help doing marketing for P.O.D.


Another interesting story is that Papa Roach had already heard a Xero demo back in 1998 and was impressed with the music and decided on playing some shows with them. The two bands wouldn't meet until 99X's Big Day Out in 2000, when Papa Roach invited Linkin Park to their Master Bay Tour.


New notes have been added to Xero's debut show in 1997 at the Whisky A Go Go and the band's final show with Mark Wakefield, in December 1998, which was actually a public label showcase. The Coconut Teaszer show in June 2000 was a Warner showcase to celebrate Hybrid Theory being finished. Jeff claims The Roxy show in September only happened due to the success of 'One Step Closer' on KROQ and the Best Buy show promoted by the radio station had a much larger audience than anticipated. The band sent out 'My December' to KROQ the exact day of their Nashville show and the song was debuted the following day. The reason behind the cancelation of the Columbus 2000 show is also revealed.


The book features two photos of Chester's rehearsal with Size 5 for the Xero audition tape, courtesy of his ex-wife Samantha; various photos of the Big Fish Pub show from 1999, a flyer for the Mill Avenue Sport Rock Cafe show in 2000 and photos of the Gold Album presentation in Sacramento at the end of the year.

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