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Linkin Park Live - 2000.10.10

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Date: October 10, 2000 Tour: Kottonmouth Kings' 'Ridin' High' Tour
Location: Nashville, TN United States
Venue: 328 Performance Hall Show Number: Show 17 of 32
Venue Type: Music/Concert Hall
Other Bands:

Kottonmouth Kings, Corporate Avenger, *, Too Rude, Rehab



01. Unknown

Other Notes:

- The day before this show, the band spent a day at The Loft in Nashville to record 'My December' for a KROQ charity album. This is the only time that a Linkin Park song has been completely recorded outside of Los Angeles. Mike mentioned that Elvis had also recorded at the studio.

- If you happen to have or know a full or partial setlist for this show, please let us know!