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Linkin Park Live - 2000.09.05 West Hollywood, California

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September 05, 2000
West Hollywood, CA  United States
The Roxy Theatre
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01. Cure For The Itch Abbreviated
02. Papercut
03. Forgotten 2000 Beat Intro
04. Points Of Authority
05. With You
06. Runaway
07. And One Short Live Version; Wind Intro
08. In The End
09. A Place For My Head
10. One Step Closer

Show Notes:

- After 'Points Of Authority', Chester mentions that the show was sold out.

- The band messes up a lot during the show - Brad forgot to change his guitar setting correctly on the 'Runaway' intro, Mike messes up the lyrics on the bridge of 'And One', and Brad broke a string on 'One Step Closer' for example.

- Before 'In The End', Mike asks if anyone heard them on the radio before the show. He dedicates the show to everyone that helped get them on the radio.

- Crowdsurfers come on the stage and jump back into the crowd on 'A Place For My Head' and 'One Step Closer'.

- Chester thanks KROQ after 'One Step Closer'.

Other Notes:

- According to Jeff Blue's "One Step Closer: From Xero to #1: Becoming Linkin Park" book, this show was sold out and only happened because of the success of 'One Step Closer' on KROQ.
- The show was recorded by the band for their single 'One Step Closer': "Linkin Park will be recording their show at the Roxy in Los Angeles on September 5th and will possibly using some of the live footage from it in the forthcoming video for their current single, "One Step Closer." The track is the first single from the group's upcoming debut album "Hybrid Theory" which was produced by Don Gilmore and will see a release on October 24th through Warner Bros."

- Footage from this show was used in the 'Points Of Authority' music video.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (Unknown)

Time: 31:52 mins

Format: DVD (M) / 2.19 GB

Comments: Full show. Released by LPLive on August 2, 2013 as a part of the Sunset Strip Music Festival "throwback week". Show was streamed online before the DVD was posted. Forum post: "There simply is not a better time for this show to surface than right now, to end the SSMF "throwback week" with the Linkin Park fansites and the LPU. What show you might ask? Linkin Park at the Roxy on September 5th, 2000! This show was recorded by the band for a potential 'One Step Closer' live video, but until recently, there was no video out there of the song, much less the entire show. We didn't even have a setlist!"

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