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Remix Post Traumatic Contest

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Musicians, it's time to show us what you got. Mike has partnered with AltWire for the Remix Post Traumatic Contest, and you have the chance to win big.


Let's start with what you'll need to know if you're planning on submitting a remix. You will be able to submit three remixes - one for each song. You can do just one of them or all three - it's up to you! Submit your remixes using this form. The remixes are due by March 13, and winners will be announced during the week of March 20. If you plan on starting a remix, be sure to grab the Post Traumatic instrumentals and acapellas from Mike's site.


Here's a more compressed timeline:


Submission Deadline: March 13

Winner Announcement: Week of March 20

Submission Link


The grand prize winner will get a signed, original piece of art by Mike himself. The Top 5 finalists will also get a special signed item autographed by Mike, and their remixes will be available for download on mikeshinoda.com.


How will the remixes be judged? LPLive, LPAssociation, LPFanCorner, AltWire, and the rest of the Linkin Park Ambassadors will all be judging. Each site will be selecting their Top Pick, so Mike will take those top 5 and select the winners from there. We'll be listening to every remix sent in, so don't hold back!


The staff who will be judging for LPLive are:

  • RogueSoul
  • Hahninator
  • SasstielExperience
  • lpliveusername
  • SergSlim
  • AlyKaye
  • xoMusicLoverxo
Be sure to impress us and Mike! If you want to submit your remix to us, fill out this Google Form (submissions anywhere else will not be considered). Let's see what you've got! If you have any questions, feel free to tweet us (or Lorenzo) or post below. We can't wait to hear what you have!


In other news in the Mike Shinoda world, the campaigning for the Post Traumatic Tour is still going strong - be sure to read up here if you haven't yet, and vote for Mike to come to your city! Mike has entered the studio recently with some special guests, so be sure to look out for new music. Finally, the dates for Summer Sonic have been announced - Mike will be playing 8/18 in Osaka and 8/19 in Tokyo. If you're planning on going, be sure to plan! Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to stay caught up on all the news.


Check out Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here.

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So it's the time of the year again when I think I can produce music, waste all my time on it, and in the end I figure out that all I do is total trash and throw it all away :-D

This is like the biggest mood to ever mood

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Hey guys, this is my remix for the contest: Please feel free to comment on it!


My girlfriend and I discussed this as lot and we came to the conclusion that it would be a reasonable idea to reflect on the whole situation that we have to face since last July. Therefore, I broke down the song to an acoustic arrangement and wrote a verse, kinda like a response to Mike's lyrics. I hope you like it, this is my first remix ever. It took the whole week to think, record, mix, master and edit the remix, but I've learned a lot. Good luck to all remixers!

Please be so kind as to listen to this remix in full, there should be some little surprises...

Edited by Nico

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