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LPU15 12th Track - CHAIR (1999 Part Of Me Demo)


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The sixth and final bi-monthly track for LPU15 has been released, and it's an instrumental demo for the Hybrid Theory EP track, "Part of Me".

LPU members can download the song here: https://linkinpark.com/store/free-downloads/11119/chair-1999-part-of-me-demo-digital-download

And you can watch the track by track here: https://linkinpark.com/videos/31602/lpu-track-by-track-chair-1999-part-of-me-demo

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I think Mike is either getting confused about when they changed their name from Xero to Hybrid Theory or its possible they held on to the Xero name until just before releasing the EP, which I guess could explain him calling this song and another a Xero demo. Him saying it was on the tape they sent Chester, I have no idea, I always assumed they wrote it after Chester joined the band, it's possible that just the beat could have been sent to him. Someone should really ask Mike about this.

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