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  1. Lurking for hours in the forums like in the old days...thanks for all this years LPLive!!
  2. Thanks for the transcript!
  3. Seems we are not getting opening act at Munchen...
  4. Step Up is missing, isn't it?
  5. AMAZING FIND! Woha, I'm really enjoying this tracks so much! Someone worked already on a lyrics transcrypt? BTW Fiends sounds A LOT like It's going down, I wouldn't be surprised if Mike reelaborated the work of this track and ended up writing It's going down, wich I love. Of course this is way better than LPU 16
  6. What about a section on the website covering Mike's art pieces and shows?
  7. I would love to see it live, but I'm only attending the Lisbon show Do you think they will only play HT in full at Download?
  8. Now, thinking back, I can imagine this decision could have been made by the same time Mike wrote that letter saying the rock was dead, naming specifically Imagine Drangons...
  9. No clue on THIS? So... It seems this turned out to be real, didn't it?
  10. Woha, I will be at the live debut of this song -> Rock in Rio =D=D=D=D=D PS: Reminds me of Sum 41