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New song featuring Linkin Park - Things In My Jeep


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Linkin Park are featured on a OST to the "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping" movie due out June 3, 2016.

The song is titled 'Things In My Jeep' by the band The Lonely Island. In 2016 they wrote, directed, starred in, and released the film Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, a mockumentary that seemed to be referring to Justin Bieber. The film was produced by Judd Apatow and featured an accompanying soundtrack from the Lonely Island.

The track has no Explicit content badge in iTunes and its length is 2:06 minutes.
You can find more info about the movie on its website.


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Comment on the LP Facebook:

"This was actually the quickest song I ever did. You see I was coming back from a bitchin' fun time at the beach with (insert Celebrity name here), and then my producer called me and said that I was one song short for my album and the deadline was that day. So I was freaking out, I pulled up to the studio and I realize, I didn't have any lyrics. So I was pacing around in panic, and for some reason I was looking at the things in my Jeep. I saw the boxing gloves that I had from my gym training, the condoms, for obvious reasons, my blueblockers, my dress shoes that I had with me from last week's dinner event, a sharpie and three quarters, and I thought 'Holy shit! That rhymes!'. So I wrote down everything I had in my Jeep, organized them to rhyme, and that became 'Things in My Jeep'. A couple of things I had to put into the Jeep. I actually didn't have a novella in the Jeep at first but I needed something that rhymes with umbrella. There was a kid nearby reading a comic book. So I took his comic book and put it in my Jeep. Called it a novella.

"And with even greater luck, right next to my recording studio was LINKIN PARK getting ready to record their own album. So I asked if they were willing to sing a couple lines for a $1000, and they did. I thought it was going to be a couple of guys though, I didn't know I had to pay all SIX band members. Should have just paid Chester."

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