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Master DSP Torrent


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In December 2015, Linkin Park completely closed their live download website. This was the website that hosted every live CD / DSP (Digital Souvenir Package) from 2007 to 2012.


Unfortunately, our efforts to revive the program have not worked. We wrote an open letter to the band in March 2013 and started a petition over two years later, in August 2015, to no success.


With the website going offline and fans no longer having any way to access them, we were committed to preserving these shows. We are now able to announce that we have a master DSP torrent for everyone to download, so that you may enjoy these concerts.


There are 229 shows available, with pictures for one more (Pomona 2009) included. These are all correctly tagged, every show, all pictures, etc.

1. Nottingham 2008, the first "DSP" (after the live CDs) was released in 160kbps. The support staff never returned our emails about it. This is also the first show with pictures.
2. Pomona 2009 was not released due to the power going out during the show and messing up the recording. The pictures were released later, which are included here.
3. Two shows had changes made afterward to the files online. Canberra 2010 had New Divide and Crawling edited later to fix Chester's vocals. Uncasville 2012 had Given Up edited later to put vocals back in the track (it was released as an instrumental at first). All of these files are included in "Fixed File(s)" in those show folders.
4. Sunrise 2011 and Tampa 2011 were released in full but then Wisdom Justice and Love was removed from them online at a later time. This torrent HAS the WJL songs from those two shows. Atlanta 2011 is the first show to not have WJL at all, and it was removed from all shows after that.
5. Grafenhainichen 2009 has a few extra pictures in there taken by Julien-K of the venue.
6. Some of the NYC 2008 pics were released with Lexington 2008, I put them in the correct folder. The Lexington pics are watermarked by Jason LeMiere (Joe's old DJ tech).


DOWNLOAD: Torrent via LP-Bits.com.
*Registration (free).

Total size: 48.18gb, 6667 files


Thank you to Chesterchaz for putting the torrent together for everyone!



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This is awesome, thank you for this!


Also, if anyone is interested, here's a really good quality 2008 cover:LPL_Projekt_Revolution_2008.jpg


I can't for the life of me remember where I got it from, unfortunately, it's been in my bookmarks for at least a year now

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Hope you guys don't run into any legal repercussions for this, even though the shows aren't available any more.


I will gladly take this down if management or WBR asks, no problem at all. It's no issue to oblige, I'd be happy to. I was just offering the fans the shows since I get an incredible amount of requests for the recordings. We have a good relationship with LP management and I want to keep it that way. They do a lot of stuff for us, so I don't want to make them mad.

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@Hahninator, please send to me artworks for all DSPs I'll add all of them to The Artwork Collection. If someone will want to get the artwork only without downloading the whole package, will be able to do it in that thread.

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Are you sure you grabbed them 100%? The only three without title tags that I know of are Auburn 2007, Sacramento 2007 and Wantagh 2008. The tags are there for the rest, at least on my end.

Although there are files names associated with them there are no track numbers and every track is "04_Somewhere_I_Belong_01_16_08_LP_LIVE_Hannover" as opposed to just simply "Somewhere I belong" with the track number embedded in the ID3.

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The live CD / DSP files have never come with just "Somewhere I Belong" in the title. They are always in this format of number, title, date, LP_LIVE_City. The file names changed at one point to just Somewhere I Belong but I don't know what year that was.


They haven't ever come tagged like you're saying.

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