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  1. Picture 1 is from Johannesburg, Picture 2 is from Vancouver.
  2. Cool thanks :), one last thing regarding the DSP, there are a couple shows in 2012 (09.04.2012 - Vancouver & 11.10.2012 - Johannesburg) were a picture on both of them had "Fuck You Geki" as the picture instead of a picture of what it was titled after, I can only assume that they aren't the correct pictures for them shows, was wondering if this was a mistake or something else? and if there was any way to get the correct picture for both shows?
  3. Ohh ok, did it have the pictures of the show with it or was it just audio?
  4. The Moscow show from the Transformers 3 premier in 2011 is missing
  5. That's odd, I don't think the download is working for me if that's the case
  6. I see that it's just the audio of the shows (in full and not separate tracks), is there any way to add the pictures from DSP onto those as well? I've wanting to get the pictures from DSP for a while now but with no luck sadly.
  7. Is there any way someone can send me the pictures from the dsp's? Looking for the pictures from 2007 & 2010 onwards as I already have pictures from 08 & 09, any way to help me is greatly appreciated.
  8. @xxHybridXeroxx & Geki: I didn't even know that a Projekt Revolution Blanket even existed, not one mention in all the time that I've been a LP fan that I've heard about it, but now after searching about it & seeing it, I can tell you both that I'm jealous and wish that I had one myself lol.
  9. I'll see what LP decides to do with their future.
  10. @Geki: That's the only reason why I want to get the pictures & not the music.
  11. I'm only looking to get the pictures from the DSP's as I'm not to bothered about the music.
  12. Have you considered thinking about going to the one in Glasgow on the 12th of August? I know it's further up from the border, maybe worth having a think over if you're interested.