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LPU XIV Exclusive Launch in Berlin on November 9


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From the official LP Underground's Facebook:


"Mike and Joe will be unveiling concrete blocks from the original Berlin Wall that they painted for a special art event celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall starting tomorrow November 9th, 2014 at 12pm in the Mall of Berlin. The Saturn store located in the Mall of Berlin will also feature a pop-up store experience sponsored by Samsung, featuring exclusive LINKIN PARK merchandise for purchase.

An exclusive debut of LPU XIV will be available for purchase only at the pop-up store before its global launch. Each LPU XIV Bundle will come with a redeemable 1 Year membership with all the digital benefits.

The pop-up store will be opened from November 9th to November 19th.

Mall LP 12
Saturn Electro-Handels GmbH Berlin-Leipziger Platz
Voßstraße 24
10117 Berlin


Who's gonna be there?

UPDATES: Lorenzo just posted an updates regarding the LPU XIV bundle merch

"Hey guys -

The LPU XIV Bundle will arrive this week in Berlin. We had some delays at customs unfortunately.

The bundle will include all the brand new merch items and a 1 year membership.

LPU CD will be released globally the day we launch online. Official release details coming soon.


UPDATES (NOV. 12th, 2014): Here's the first look for LPU XIV bundles (Credits to LinkinPark.fr)


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Maybe they are going to put DSPs of some of the live songs from Living Things and The Hunting Party in the LPU XIV


WHAATTT?? Hell no! I don't want more live songs in the LPU. I prefer to hear dubstep remixes on it than that. The DSP are better when you can buy the full show, not a few songs.

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