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Linkin Park Playing Ventura, CA Vans Warped Tour

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As we reported on June 16th, Linkin Park will be performing a "surprise" show at the Vans Warped Tour stop in Ventura, CA on June 22nd! We had to wait until today to post about the show since it is billed as a surprise set. Substream Magazine confirmed it with Warped Tour on the 21st.


The venue will be Seaside Park (Ventura County Fairgrounds). Tickets are $37 (plus $6 fee), so if you're in the Los Angeles area, head out to see the show! In addition, Tyler and Michael of the band Issues are rumored to be joining the band for Faint at the show. It is unknown whether this will be a full show (headlining set) or an abbreviated set. The shows end at 9:00pm today, so make sure you get there sometime in the afternoon if you want to see the show.


Who will be attending? This will be the last LA-area promo show for The Hunting Party in June.

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Weirdest thing ever. No way in hell are there any LP fans at Warped Tour.

Well, according to tweets ive been seeing, some LP fans were already going to Warped Tour.


But, anyways, they need to play a very heavy set. Don't go to warped and play Numb.


Play stuff like Victimized/QWERTY

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Today set:


Numb (album version)

Ballad Medley

In Between

What I've Done

In The End

Rolling in the Deep

Little Boxes

Drawbar (Heavy Metal version, Extended intro/outro with Blackout vocals)

How could you make a setlist like that and leave out robot boy?... also, The little things give you away should be encore :P

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They should bring out Don't Stay and From The Inside for this show. Given up without the extra note on the exended outro straight into Forward like they did with NMS back in 2008 would be great! Also a live debut of Rebellion would fit well here to. All heavy songs with breakdowns for the bridge. Boom heavy shit.


Something like this would be great today with all the typical extenders...


Guilty All The Same
One Step Closer
Given Up (straight into...)
Forward/Don't Stay
From The Inside
Points Of Authority
Numb w/ guitar intro
In The End
Untill It's Gone
What I've Done
Bleed It Out
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Show is scheduled to start in about 10 minutes (5:25 PST). Setlist post, here we go!


Date: June 22, 2014

Venue: Seaside Park

City: Ventura, CA

Event: Vans Warped Tour

Show #4 of 4


1. One Step Closer (Ext. Outro; w/ Nate Barcalow)
2. New Divide (w/ David Schmitt)
3. Guilty All The Same (w/ Mike Hranica and Jeremy DePoyster)
4. Faint (Ext. Outro; w/ Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn)
5. What I've Done (Short Ticking Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge; w/ Ryan Key)
6. A Place For My Head (ft. Jeremy McKinnon)
7. Bleed It Out (Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge; Ext. Ending; w/ MGK)
Show Notes:
- Nate from Finch joined the band for 'One Step Closer'. He came up during the bridge until the end of the song.
- David from Breathe Carolina joined the band for 'New Divide'. He came out on the second verse until the end of the song.
- Mike and Jeremy from The Devil Wears Prada joined the band for 'Guilty All The Same'. They came out on the second verse until the end of the song.
- Tyler and Michael from Issues joined the band for 'Faint'. They were they for the entire song, and sang harmonies during the choruses.
- Ryan Key from Yellowcard joined the band for 'What I've Done'. He sang verse 1 of the song, and Cheser sang the rest.
- Jeremy from A Day To Remember joined the band for 'A Place For My Head'.
- Machine Gun Kelly joined the band for 'Bleed It Out'. He raped his song, '-MGK song thing-' over the bridge.
Other Notes:
- This was a surprise show and was not confirmed until the day of the show by Vans Warped Tour. The band didn't officially announce the show until an hour before their performance, via Twitter. Prior to that, there was no other official confirmation except for Mike mysteriously tweeting, "Ventura, CA" earlier that day.
- On June 16th, the possibility of Linkin Park playing this show was discussed online due to a leak and on the 21st (the day before the show), insider sources at Warped confirmed the event. The only post from the band or a band member about it was a tweet from Mike saying "Ventura, CA" the morning of the show.
- Despite Warped Tour existing since 1995, Linkin Park has never performed at the event until this show.
- The band brought their own stage in for the show, which was dubbed the Main Stage. Linkin Park was the only band to perform on that stage all day and played at 5:25pm.
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Changing the show page notes in a second for you Soul, the band just confirmed the show. LOL @ posting they were playing 10 mins before.

Great. It could of been worse, at least they said something about it in the first place :P

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