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  1. Just put the DVD in and to my surprise, there are 11 songs, not 10. "New Divide" falls between "A Place for My Head" and "Somewhere I Belong". It wasn't listed on the Best Buy website.
  2. No problem. I pre-ordered the CD/DVD combo- can't wait to get my hands on it tomorrow!
  3. The CD/DVD combo will be $14.99 and standard edition will be $9.99 at Best Buy this week. Target will be selling the standard edition for $9.99 as well.
  4. I'd call them first before making the trip. There are 3 in my area and none of them have it!
  5. The Best Buy's here in Phoenix don't seem to know anything about the pre-order or the 2-track single. I think it's kind of ridiculous, seeing it's in their weekly ad, but they don't have or even know if they'll get it. As for the pre-order, if I was able to pick it up, I would. Getting a little collectors item for $5, with that coming off the price of the CD/DVD or standard edition on day of release is pretty cool. System of a Down did this awhile back with either Hypnotize or Mezmerize, as well as some other artists. You get it for free in the end because the $5 you pay as the pre-order, you save that when you pick it up. Now...just to find a damn Best Buy that is carryng the single. Awesome! Make sure you follow the directions on the package/receipt to get the $5 off on release date! Thanks for posting the pics...if only I could find it somewhere in Phoenix! HaHa!
  6. We shall see. I was guessing $9.99 for standard and $13.99 for CD/DVD.
  7. Best Buy did not have the 2-track pre-sale CD in store. They don't know when they're getting it. It shows up in the ad, but I checked w/ 3 stores in Phoenix and they didn't have it. Going to attempt to get through to their customer service line.
  8. I will. Going to check it out today. I don't know about Carson, but the sticker on the Best Buy version is definitely Monterrey. Whether or not the tracklist they posted is accurate remains a mystery.
  9. I thought the interludes/intros were pretty sick! I got super-pumped for the Blackout intro, thinking they we're going to perform it, but when it went into Papercut, I was alright with that. Like I said, hearing it live in person, I couldn't tell there were any mishaps, but people have pointed them out. I'm positive they'll be perfected along the way. I have always liked medleys, so we get to hear more songs live and I was perfectly fine with what they did with them on Saturday. I wish a few were longer, but it didn't detract from the show and I didn't leave pissed that they only did one or two verses. I left thinking it was the most epic LP show I've witnessed in person!
  10. Having been at the show in the front of the crowd, the energy was incredible and Chester was spot on! I have been to many LP shows on every tour since Hybrid and this, bar none, was the best live show I've attended. I can't complain because being there, witnessing it live, and feeling the energy of the band and crowd made it a great experience. This was the "warm-up" show for the world tour and of course there will be some minor technical issues, but I didn't even notice them- it was that good! I got to meet the band before the show for the LPU M&G and they were very personable and took pics with fans even though they were told not to. I'll be going to the Phoenix show of the Carnivores tour and can't wait to see what they have in store for us- if it's anything like Saturday's set, it's going to rock!
  11. That it what I gather. The $5.00 will come off the price of the CD (either standard or CD/DVD) on release day and you get the 2-track CD right when you go in and pre-order. I'm going to do it- will post more details tomorrow!
  12. Best Buy is offering a pre-sale for The Hunting Party (CD/DVD) combo only to be sold exclusively at Best Buy stores. According to their pre-sale link, the DVD will the 2012 MTV World Stage concert in Monterrey, Mexico. Also, their weekly ad states that for $5.00, you can pre-purchase the CD in store and receive a 2-track CD, although it does not list the two tracks (I'd assume Guilty All The Same and Until It's Gone). Currently the CD/DVD is listed as $16.99 and the standard release at $13.99, assuming these prices will come down for the release date. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/the-hunting-party-cd-dvd-only--best-buy/6541026.p?id=3238085&skuId=6541026&st=the%20hunting%20party&lp=1&cp=1 According to Best Buy's website, the DVD will contain the live videos listed below. If this the true set from the DVD, there are only 10/23 tracks performed on it. This would be even shorter than the broadcast version of the concert on MTV. Here's hoping for a full set, but doubtful if BB already has the tracklist up. A Place For My Head Somewhere I Belong Points of Authority Lies Greed Misery Lost in the Echo What I've Done Burn it Down In the End Bleed it Out One Step Closer Missing: Given Up New Divide With You In My Remains Victimized/QWERTY Waiting for the End Breaking the Habit LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent The Catalyst Numb Tinfoil Faint Lying From You/Papercut
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