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2014.05.24 - Tucson, AZ - KFMA Day 2014

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I'm really glad they're not ignoring RECHARGED. It really is Reanimation 2.0.


I just might go see the Tampa show now, this is an amazing set.


I agree fully. There is so much hate for Recharged, though. What made me realize that it's Reanimation 2.0 is the fact that Reanimation was centered on featuring a bunch of underground artists and artists that LP toured with back in 2000-2002, while Recharged was centered on featuring a bunch of EDM and electronic based artists. Most of them are DJs and do not do vocals, so of coarse there won't be a bunch of vocal guests like on Reanimation. It all comes down to if people like EDM or not. I personally like EDM a lot, so it's great to have a LP album centered around it for me personally.

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This might be one of the new setlists to show to a person to introduce them to LP. Diversity in all of the songs.


Any reason as to why some songs are being abridged? Runaway, ALTNC, Crawling, all shortened just to fit in some more songs or what?

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