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"Guilty All The Same" - New Linkin Park Single!


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An almost six minute brand new Linkin Park song is NOW out! Mike recently described the new album as "loud" and almost complete. As a part of "Linkin Park Week", the band has posted dates for The Carnivores Tour, given the fans a fifteen second clip of a song from the studio....and now they have released the first single off of their new album, entitled "Guilty All The Same"!


"Millions of people use Shazam everyday to gain an understanding of the music they hear in their own lives, including us. The idea of a musically engaged community hearing our brand new single "Guilty All The Same" (feat. Rakim) early, was extremely exciting to us. So here it is…" - LINKIN PARK


Shazam ANY Linkin Park song and get the download!


Posted Image

(Shazam's screen to download the song)

What do you think?


3/27 EDIT: LPL member MacGyver has uploaded the audio stems of the song, found in the "Project Spark" music video project. Download them here.

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i've tried on my android HTC in australia using Telstra 3G and also using my home wifi. restarted mobile, reinstalled the Shazam app still wont load the video just sits there trying to load it.


Assuming it is shazam their self since iphone and android users in totally different location worldwide on different internet connections are having the same issue.


Guess we have to be patient and wait. Shazam probably weren't expecting such a high volume of users at once. due to Linkin Park being the best band. rookie mistake shazam.... lol

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