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  1. For anyone else trying to do presale for Sherman theater the presale is here: https://t.co/R3umjrU3SL?amp=1and not Ticketmaster/livenation.
  2. Trying to buy LPU presale tickets for Stroudsburg/Sherman theater and nothing went up yet. All the other presales are live but my date. Are they not participating maybe? There is a Citi presale at noon but that's all that's listed.
  3. Just got my pre-sale code. I was in Group 2 if that matters. Whoop whoop!
  4. Pretty sure I'm going. Anybody got deets on how much tickets are?
  5. Such a good show so far! We were offered BOGO tickets and we're kicking ourselves that we didn't make the trip down haha.
  6. Might be going to the Pittsburgh date. LP concerts are always a family thing for us but there is no way my mom is driving 2 hours in the snow haha. I'm not sure if I want to brave it either. XD
  7. Not really a rumor, it happened right in front of me. Was just curious if anyone knew what happened.
  8. Anybody know what happened at the M&G that caused Chester to flip out on that lady? She must of said something really rude because he was saying things like "You're the most irresponsible parent," and "Do you understand me? No you don't because there's something wrong with you."
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMbbFmleZ1Y Here is GATS! This user has the rest of the set too in decent quality. From his videos some of the guests can't be herd that well so hopefully better videos surface later.
  10. Wow LP and TDWP are my top 2 favorite bands. I'm probably gonna pee a little when the video surfaces online haha.
  11. Something I came up with at work after listening to THP a million times. 25 straight songs, nothing too special. I'd love to see this live! Intro/Keys to the Kingdom Given Up Papercut Faint Wastelands Summoning/War Victimized/QWERTY Lost in the Echo Points of Authority Forgotten Mark the Graves Crawling Numb In the End Until it's Gone Waiting for the End Castle of Glass Final Masquerade Guilty all the Same One Step Closer A Line in the Sand Encore Fallout/Catalyst A Place for my Head Rebelion Bleed it Out