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Your Top 10 Linkin Park Tracks

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I've been listening to my LP collection a lot from start to finish lately, and I realize that I've indirectly made a top 10 list for my favorite songs. I included some LPU tracks as well.

  • CASTLE OF GLASS - Something about the track just feels awesome to me. Whether it's the fact that Mike and Chester sound fucking phenomenal on it or the uniqueness of the track itself, it just sounds great.
  • A Place For My Head - With Mike's amazing rapping, Chester's beastly screaming, and the rest of the band just jamming, it sounds incredible both studio and live.
  • The Little Things Give You Away - Something about the vocals just gives me chills. Chester sings amazingly here, Brad has a great guitar solo, and the overlapping vocals at the end sound fantastic.
  • QWERTY (2006 Live) - This version FAR surpasses the studio version. There is just so much raw power in Mike's rapping and Chester switching between hardcore screaming and softer singing sounds so much better here.
  • Papercut - I think Chester has said it perfectly before. This song shows a bit of everything. It has rapping, great instrumental, especially in terms of scratching and drums, and a great melody near the end.
  • I'LL BE GONE - I know this track isn't very popular here, but I really like this track. I can't think of many LP tracks that have metaphoric lyrics like this. Almost the entire track is written like that. The instrumental can be a bit repetitive, but it still has a cool vibe to it.
  • Iridescent - This is one of the few ballad tracks I like, and the only one I really like from LP. Mike sounds great on this, the lyrics have several meanings the more you listen to it, and the build up to the bridge is fucking outstanding.
  • Faint - This might be surprising that this track is this low on my Top 10, but I've always preferred the live versions to this one. However, I can't deny the power of the studio track. Mike really gets into this track rap-wise, and Chester's screams are great. The guitar on this track is also fucking great.
  • Lying From You - Whenever I hear the opening samples, I always start grinning like an idiot. Mike's rapping isn't as great as it is on other tracks, but he is still great. Chester also kicks ass here, especially on the second chorus. Much like Faint, the guitar is also fantastic.
  • No Laundry - Do I really need to explain this one? The lyrics are so meaningful and deep, and the beautiful singing definitely earns its place on this list.
Honorable mentions go to Blackout, Figure .09, 1stp Klosr, LOST IN THE ECHO, and By Myself.

What are your lists?

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Oh man, I love this topic!


No, wait, I meant this one. ;D


(I'm just messing around; that topic got buried a few pages back, it's understandable that you didn't see it.)


I'd use that same list from the old topic, except I'd swap out Iridescent for UNTIL IT BREAKS, and this is why:


LP showed that they could break their usual verse-chorus-verse format with The Little Things Give You Away, and then again with A Thousand Suns's general format, but UNTIL IT BREAKS is definitely the band's most experimental track to date, owing to the fact that it was cut together from three different demos. The rapid shifts in tone elicit visuals of a battle between Chester and Mike; Mike is throwing down a sick FM-esque verse, and Chester cuts right in with a smooth, piano-driven hook, only to be forced out of the way with an even more fierce verse from Mike. And then, both of them give way to, not Brad's guitar, but his voice - surprisingly soothing and even, bringing the song to a quiet, fulfilling close. UIB gets a lot of shit from people on LPL, but it's definitely my favorite track from LIVING THINGS, and I'd even go so far as to put it in my top 5.

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Oh man, I love this topic!


No, wait, I meant this one. ;D


(I'm just messing around; that topic got buried a few pages back, it's understandable that you didn't see it)

Man, that topic died half a year before I was even here. I feel so new here (even though I kind of am.)

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Not in order.


Points Of Authority

High Voltage (live version)



Easier To Run


Step Up

Across The Line

One Step Closer

With You


Only 10 allowed but every song from HT and Meteora are my favorites.

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01. What I've Done

02. Papercut

03. Given Up

04. In Pieces

05. What We Don't Know

06. Burning In The Skies



09. Faint

10. Crawling


I know, a lot of MTM, what can I say. What I've Done is definitely my favorite LP song, the rest are all kind of equal.

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2.A Place For My Head


4.From The Inside


6.Lying From You

7.Points Of Authority

8.With You

9.Somewhere I Belong (2012 live)

10.Bleed It Out

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There are so many non-album songs that I love, I honestly don't know if I could really make a list like this. BUT if I were to just limit it to 2 songs from each of the 5 "main" albums...


(In no particular order)

A Place for My Head



From the Inside

No More Sorrow

The Little Things Give You Away

Burning in the Skies

When They Come For Me

In My Remains

Roads Untraveled

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Doing 2 songs from the 5 studio albums, my list (also not in order) would be:



With You

Lying From You

Figure .09

Bleed it Out

In Pieces

When They Come For Me

Wretches and Kings

I'll Be Gone

Until it Breaks

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If we're doing 2 from each album, I'd go:


2) A Place For My Head

3) The Little Things Give You Away

4) Papercut


6) Iridescent

7) Faint

8) Lying From You

9) Blackout

10) Hands Held High

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