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  1. http://ppt.cc/7eL5 maybe this picture says anything...TF4 is a Chinese-oriented movie lol.
  2. And people started to stop liking their Facebook page, lol.
  3. Hybrid Theory (energy, classic, good mix between rock, electronica and rap) >= A Thousand Suns (full of creativity, experimental, depth lyrics, special and dark atmosphere) >= Living Things 2nd half (a continuation of ATS, but with a bright atmosphere) >= Minutes to Midnight (rock nature, raw and pureness) > Meteora (just a continuation of HT but having more effects, and more hip-hop style) > Living Things 1st half (just some HT/Meteora-esque songs but more electronic)
  4. I remember I heard some Linkin Park songs in 2006, maybe With You or Breaking The Habit... Before that, I only heard Fort Minor, and What I've Done in 2007... but actually I bacame a big fan in 2009 for the English song contest at school.
  5. 1.MTM Unreleased Demo 2.Sakura (ATS Demo) 3.Meteora Unreleased Demo 4.Piledriver (2011 Demo) 5.From The Inside (Demo) / Sick (2002 "Don't Stay" Demo) 6.Chicken Basket (ATS Demo) 7.Episodes (MTM Demo) 8.Seahorse (ATS Demo) / Kingdom (ATS Demo) 9.Tinfoil (POWERLESS - Longform 2010 Demo) 10.MTM Unreleased Demo
  6. There are some examples from Primo in Stagelight LP edition. xD Then, the evidences. from Meeting of A Thousand Suns from recording LIVING THINGS And actually, except "Primo", "Tinfoil" is also a demo from ATS era.
  7. Hahninator's interpretation of Wretches & Kings reminded me of some Korn songs. xD
  8. http://lplive.net/shows/20130817.php NOTE 1: Mike and Chester both sang lyrics to 'Numb/Encore' over the outro of 'Numb'. NOTE 2: "What I've Done" has "Nah-Nah-Nah" singalong outro. NOTE 3: "What I've Done" has short brief piano intro. NOTE 4: Mike jumped down to the crowd during "In The End". NOTE 5: Bleed It Out didn't have "Reading My Eyes" verse 1 in the bridge, "Ext. Bridge" only. NOTE 6: Before "LIES GREED MISERY", Mike threw a speech, called everybody stand up. (I don't know if Mike said "Thank You" in Chinese at that time, lol.)
  9. Note 2: What I've Done has a short brief piano in intro or outro.
  10. This show was so fuckin' great. When i took the MRT to Taipei Arena, I saw so many people lining up. I was listening to my "Custom Set B", with intros and outros mixed in. But after that, when the lights went out. IT'S REAL SET B!!!!!!!!!!! A Place For My Head Papercut My favorite two songs ever. Others like With You, SIB with 2012 intro, COG, LITE, BID, Medley, Numb with Numb/Encore...... Classic flashbacks mixed with new songs. Also, Lying From You IN FULL!!!!!!!! But, near my crowd is almost dead, sitting down onthe chair. And, there were so many glow sticks (only in ASIA, lol). Chester and Mike nailed at that time. Also Mike jumped down to the crowd during In The End. And actually he said "THANK YOU" in Chinese during one song, lol. (Actually, I don't know when it happend on.) I just said, I had a great time.
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