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  1. HT EP: And One HT: A Place For My Head, One Step Closer, Crawling Reanimation: P5HNG, KRWLNG, 1stp Klosr Meteora: From The Inside, Figure 9, Lying From You MTM: Given Up, No More Sorrow, Little Things ATS: Blackout, When They Come For Me, Burning in the Skies LT: LOST IN THE ECHO, I'LL BE GONE, UNTIL IT BREAKS Recharged: COG, IBG, ALTNC LPU (2-13) A.06, Across The Line, PRIMO Favorite live song (only one) A Place For My Head Collaborations: It’s Going Down TOP FUCKING FIVE 1) A PLACE FOR MY HEAD 2) Blackout 3) One Step Closer, 4) Lying From You 5) From the Inside
  2. 1) Waiting For The End 2) New Divide 3) BURN IT DOWN 4) LIES GREED MISERY 5) Iridescent
  3. Meteora Revival: 01. Don't Stay New Intro 02. Somewhere I Belong 03. No More Sorrow Long Intro 04. Lying From You 05. New Divide Synth Intro 06. What I've Done 07. CASTLE OF GLASS 08. VICTIMIZED (w/ QWERTY) 09. Waiting For The End New Intro; Ext. Outro 10. Breaking The Habit New Long Intro; A Cappella Outro 11. From The Inside Long Intro 12. I'LL BE GONE 13. Figure.09 14. Numb 15. My December Piano Version 16. BURN IT DOWN 17. In The End 18. Bleed It Out Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge; Ext. Outro ---------------------------------------------------- 19. Session 20. Faint Ext. Outro 21. Blackout 22. A Place For My Head Ext. Intro & Bridge; Ext. Outro 23. One Step Closer Ext. Outro
  4. I can't agree with you anymore. I got hardcore into LP after listening to Meteora, MTM, and especially ATS. It is really disappointing for me that the band dropped NMS after ATS tour, FTI and Blackout (exactly 2012.06.29) after 2012 European Summer Tour, and WTCFM hasn't been played since Rio 2012.
  5. Certainly Set B is excellent but some changes would be better
  6. 2 songs from each album A Place For My Head One Step Closer Somewhere I Belong Figure.09 Given Up No More Sorrow When They Come For Me Blackout LOST IN THE ECHO UNTIL IT BREAKS
  7. 1. One Step Closer 2. Somewhere I Belong 3. A Place For My Head 4. Papercut 5. From The Inside 6. Given Up 7. Blackout 8. When They Come For Me 9. Faint 10. Figure. 09
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