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  1. Wow the line up is INCREDIBLE. I wish I could go
  2. 1:04am eastern time here, and it's still not on. I'm guessing it might be really late? Trying to stay up as much as I can so I can watch this thing lol. My eyes are not cooperating
  3. it's 11:36pm (eastern time) where I am right now. Did I miss the stream? I have a feeling I did
  4. By Myself With You And One Step Up Forgotten Papercut Lying From You Program She Couldn't Slip
  5. This! Also I'd choose the samples in By Myself, and guitar in Forgotten.
  6. Oh my god I'm seriously laughing so hard at what is going on...This could go down as one of the worst streams in history.
  7. this guy keeps saying the same thing over and over and OVER omg hahaha. I hope he isn't here the whole show. ugh but I'm glad we can at least hear what they're singing...sort of.
  8. i dont understand why they can't just zoom in on the stage D: sound is going in and out too.
  9. "take a look at this crowd here!" *camera goes on the ground* hahahah
  10. I hear APFMH but the weird music hasn't turned off yet! whyyyyyy
  11. I'm really hoping they bring back a few old songs they haven't played in years. I'd love to see a full version of step up, or maybe even forgotten. Either way, I'm super excited to see what's in store tonight!
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