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  1. Oh yeah for sure dude, and i respect that they need to creatively push themselves any way they know how - they sure aren't getting any younger. i guess I'm just a little sad reminiscing hahaha. So far, the songs aren't trash as such - aren't great, but aren't bad. I can listen to them without cringing, which i know a lot of fans can't do. Interested to hear the album; i always will be as a solid fan. yeah i can still imagine their live shows will kick ass - if they somehow manage to lose their live energy and lose that experience then some shit has gone downhill real quick!
  2. Different isn't always good. i put on the road to revolution dvd for my girlfriend last night, and she said holy fuck this is mad. I said yep, but its a shame because its no longer like this. the point being, it was such a refreshing look back in time… she was keen just from that to go see them live if they come back to Aus this year. Even the 2010 Madrid show, ATS had that LP quality. in all honesty, everyone blows up cos they say 'they can't make the same shit like HT and meteora over and over' … but id kill for some more of that stuff to be honest, it'd be better than this pop stuff. I love every LP album there is, each of them differently, but i think this direction is abit too .. easy for them. its not bad, but its not good. The best way to describe it is, its not as great as they can be. and its a shame after waiting three years for new material to find out its music that basically fits right into the crowd - opinion or not, its a statement that rings true regardless of how much of a fan you are. LP were made on how much they stood out (HT/MTM/ATS) - but now, they kind of just slide right into everything else thats out there. if i was at the gym and a pop playlist started, i wouldn't be able to differ between good goodbye or drake or any other of the thousand pop songs out there. don't get me wrong, its not bad music to listen to on occasion, but its not really anything with any kind of meaning, and it sure as hell doesn't have the top notch linkin park quality - and thats where a lot of people are kind of disappointed i think.
  3. I think theres a common misconception between the fans at the moment, along with a little bit of butthurt. saying you dislike or hate the song doesn't mean all of a sudden your a terrible person and stupid and ignorant because you only like certain albums and not this particular single? in all honesty, it IS a bad song, and theres more than just one reason its been three years since a release, or thereabouts anyway. whats disappointing #1, is that it took them three long ass years to pump THIS out. I've been a fan for over ten years, I've loved their experimentation, they push boundaries and yes they always say they can't be defined to one box. but theres a significant difference between pushing boundaries and making bad music. so #1 is: a long ass time to make something that goes for 2:45 and is very weak. the song could have been made in a week and it sure sounds that way; drawn up, recorded and finalised in a week, and considering they haven't played live in over a year, it really hits home that its a b grade song, and they could've made it so much more … interesting and inviting. #2 goes with kiiara actually making the song. imo, featured artists shouldn't determine that, they are guests on the song and should only be there to improve it by using a different twist ( e.g GATS) - but here, she sings in about half of it, outshines the lead singer and essentially takes over the song with great vocals almost entirely. regardless of how 'bad' or 'weak' chesters vocals in it are and whether or not they were like that for a reason, doesn't even matter because he's almost obsolete in the song. at the gym today, i listened to the song a lot and i just skipped to her parts, because, well, they're just better. #3 yeah its pop. for mike to sit there and say 'i certainly wouldn't call it that,' seems abit hypocritical and ignorant. regardless of what the band and mike thinks, and how they harp on about not being put in a box, if you listen to pop radio, like what blasts out of the gym, it sure as fuck settles in nicely among the playlists. they make music for an audience, but the audience/radio determines where that song is played … if they want to go for a pop route, by all means - but make a GOOD LINKIN PARK pop song - not a song where a featured artist shits all over YOUR OWN song. and finally number #4, tying in with number #1, is there is almost no emotive or creative backdrop. almost ALL lp songs you can connect to it somehow, memories or events or situations. past life experiences even. heavy does not have this at all. I'm convinced that perhaps if chester vocals were strong and held the melody in the song, you might be able to sense that connection. thats whats disappointing. I'm sure a lot of fans would agree LP made music that helped you through your worst times, it did for me, and by being able to connect to it makes it exceptional. but the lack of layering, creativity and emotive energy in this song is extremely discouraging. yes the song is catchy, yes kiiara sounds awesome, and i appreciate without a doubt that the band wants to do whatever they want to do. theres no denying any of that. taking a step back as a fan here and speaking objectively, its a weak song as a whole, thats catchy and will get air time.. thats about it. but AS a fan, that respects them and loves them, and taking into account what was said above, I'm still disappointed.
  4. I felt this album process was too rushed.. we were held in suspense for awhile with ALTNC but then like BAM and this album was out i was like wtf. i just hope they do not rush whatever they are currently in the process of making. by no means am i saying take another 4 years off to create a variant of MTM, but i think this remix album shines a bad light on LP. too rushed, IMO.
  5. 1. Lost in The Echo 2. Dont Stay 3. With You 4. Bleed It Out 5. When They Come For Me 6. What Ive Done 7. Hands Held High 8. Figure.09 9. A Place For My Head 10. Wretches and Kings 11. In Pieces 12. The Little Things Give You Away 13. Numb
  6. Haha had the exact same problem i just put the main albums and a few live songs i like and a few demo songs. had the full sau paulo show, itunes festival show and live in texas all on my ipod, they had to go to make room
  7. Id have to say for this cycle, the biggest news to me was in 2012 seeing the setlists and preps for the HCT. My head was full of wot when i saw With You, POA and all these other songs be brought back to life.. i remember i was at school studying for my Year 12 HSC and i shit my pants hahah, it was epic. i loved ATS but seeing all these new changes to the setlists really blew my mind.. victimized with QWERTY and the LFY/Papercut mashup .. the ballad medley, Sabotage over BIO bridge, numb encore outro .. it made it really seem like the band was trying to revive alot of the older stuff. i guess thats why im so keen to see them change their setlists again, to get that excitement back. i remember i was also at school and Lies Greed Misery had just been premiered and i played it out loud in the library. soon as it started my mate heard it and was like WTF doesnt sound like linkin park.. i was just as surprised. soundwave was fucking crazy, never forget it... overall it was good, album was good (coulda been better -__- ), tour cycle of course could have been better.. LITE favourite song from LT... im ready for album six!
  8. Kinda with Geki on this one ... dont particularly want any collaborations. but hey new music, im keen
  9. 1. Wretches and Kings 2. Lost In The Echo 3. Lying From You 4. Bleed It Out (Live) 5. With You 6. Dont Stay 7. What Ive Done 8. Figure.09 9. Points Of Authority 10. A Place For My Head (Live)
  10. Guna have to say im not expecting much of a surprise or change in the set. Wont find out till tomorrow and i bet ill wake up to the same songs, with RME over BIO bridge.
  11. Hows it going? would love to see these shows. keep up the good work!
  12. Tracks in same order yo Fusion (Hybrid Theory) 1. Bleak 2. Everything You Say 3. False Pretence 4. Violent Energy 5. Covering Up 6. Hide 7. Just Alone 8. What Will Never Be 9. Greed 10. Face The Sun 11. Techno Drown 12. Ive Lied Breaking Back (Meteora) 1. Surge 2. Just Give Me Myself Back 3. A Place To Stay 4. My Way From You 5. What I Need To Say 6. Held Back 7. Power 8. Live To Fight 9. Whole Inside 10. All Away 11. Structure 12. Too Quiet 13. Lost Under The Surface Trigger (Minutes to Midnight) 1. Awaken 2. Theres No Place 3. Whats Left Of Me 4. Shotgun Opera 5. Doom 6. Alibi 7. Show Some Pride 8. Riot 9. Who You Were 10. Touch Bass 11. Doubt In Your Faith 12. The One That Held To End It All (A Thousand Suns) 1. Static 2. The Countdown 3. Whisper 4. Firefight 5. Leave None Behind 6. Half Human 7. Dead Culture 8. Where To Begin 9. Screaming Transmission 10. Wretched Are They 11. Revelation 12. Falling Back 13. Signal The Siren 14. Our Last Stand 15. The Calm Of The Battlefield Revival (Living Things) 1. Wont Back Down 2. Armed 3. Fan The Flames 4. The Lack Of Absence 5. Destined Frontiers 6. The Creed 7. Snake In The Grass (Venom) 8. Well Worn Paths 9. Redundant 10. Hunger Of A Lion 11. Dreams 12. Over Reality
  13. https://twitter.com/iamnotshouting/status/344802193242718209 not sure if this is the right thread, buuut potential STP for soundwave festival next year
  14. 'Blink 182 Tom, after winning a Much Music Video Award over Linkin Park: "I can see why we won over Linkin Park and Creed because we're a better band." ' gun loaded
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