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The Hunting Party Tracklisting? Hahninator

Earlier today, the Warner Music site in Switzerland posted a tracklisting for The Hunting Party, but the info was taken down shortly thereafter. However, a picture from LinkinWarriorLP on Twitter provided the following information:

01. Guilty All the Same
02. All For Nothing
03. Viserion
04. Wastelands of Today
05. Until It's Gone
06. Warrior
07. Keys to the Kingdom
08. The Hunt
09. Mark the Graves
10. Rebellion
11. Line in the Sand
12. March of the Dead

We are not sure if this is the legit tracklisting or not, but since it's from a Warner website, it's very possible that it's real. Only time will tell! It has twelve songs as the album is reported to have, and all of the previous track titles are in there, except 'Final Masquerade'.

EDIT: Unfortunately we can confirm via a source that is legit (but wishes to remain anonymous) that this tracklisting is fake.

Also, Linkin Park has made a Facebook page for the album release, which you can find here. They recently posted a few photos of the album's recording sessions, presumably from the Larrabee Studio in LA where a lot of the album has been recorded.

"The Mall" - Releasing in 2014? Hahninator

As you might already know, Linkin Park has been working since at least September 2012 on the soundtrack and score to "The Mall", the first full-length film by Joe Hahn. An August 16, 2013 interview with the band by Yahoo, saying:

"The movie stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Gina Gershon, Peter Stormage, James Frecheville, and Cameron Monaghan, and is based on the Eric Bogosian novel about five unhappy suburbanites who become inextricably entwined one night when Frecheville goes on a shooting spree in a shopping mall.

Hahn has started shooting the film, but there is no scheduled release date. Linkin Park are creating the soundtrack with help from Deadsy drummer Alec Püre. While a few songs will feature Bennington's recognizable vocals, much of the material is instrumental.

"There’s a different mindset going into scoring a movie than making a record because you're trying to capture the scene without having the music distract you from what you’re looking at," Bennington said. "We’re trying to capture the emotional quality of the film, so there's a lack of structure and there aren't very many parts when compared to radio songs. Also, there are different characters in the movie that require different threads of sounds. So there's a lot of cool elements we’re working with.""

Heidi Hahn, Joe's wife, recently posted on Twitter: "So proud of @joehahnlp very first feature film screening at paramount studios." with the following picture from an April 14, 2014 screening of "The Mall":

IMDb lists the film as having a July 16, 2014 release date.

Do you think we'll see the movie and soundtrack released this year? Or do you think the band will push it back to 2015 due to The Hunting Party coming out in June?

5 Song Reviews by Rolling Stone & Loudwire lpplus

There are two great new reviews about the album, with some information for us about 'Keys to the Kingdom', 'All for Nothing', 'Until It's Gone', 'Wastelands of Today', and 'Rebellion'. This is the first time that 'Wastelands' has been referred to as 'Wastelands of Today', so we are unsure of the exact song title until the band confirms the tracklisting. These are the five songs on the sampler that industry insiders and press heard recently. Both Loudwire and Rolling Stone reviewed the songs, with Rolling Stone including an interview with Mike as well.


‘Keys to the Kingdom’: Right off the bat this track has an old-school punk vibe with a new twist. The hasty drums and explosive riffs a hardcore element to it. Vocalist Chester Bennington unleashes melodies and the balance of Shinoda’s rap verses makes for a powerful combination. Although the band will be playing arenas on their forthcoming Carnivores tour, this song has an underground feel that would welcome them to a small, beat up venue in Brooklyn, N.Y.

‘Wastelands of Today’: This tune starts with a hip-hop verse and the song has a lot of groove with heavy drum and bass. The chorus is catchy yet sludgy and has some grit to it. Watch out for the heavy breakdown in the middle of the song. Linkin Park take you on a sonic roller-coaster ride as they play around with the tempo and ambiance of the song.

‘Until It’s Gone’: It’s a more mid-tempo track with softer lyrics provided by Chester Bennington, who really shows his vocal versatility. The dreamy and atmospheric sounds are enough to whisk you away but Bennington brings you back down to earth as he belts out their take on a familiar chorus: “’Cause you don’t know what you’ve got / No you don’t know what you’ve got / You don’t know what you’ve got / Until it’s gone.” This catchy song is one that’s bound to get stuck in your head for a long time.

‘All for Nothing’: This one, when performed live, will get the crowd moving for sure. With a hip-hop flow in the first verse this quickly turns into almost a punk anthem. The song is relentless and unapologetic, with a stellar guitar solo by Brad Delson. It’s no surprise that this heavy tune is hardcore especially since it features a guest spot Helmet vocalist and guitarist Paige Hamilton.

‘Rebellion’: With a name like ‘Rebellion,’ as a listener you would expect pure chaos and mayhem and that’s exactly what Linkin Park give you. The vibe is almost thrashy with its speedy riffs and galloping drums. While listening to it one might think that it could even fit on System of a Down’s first album — that’s probably because none other than Daron Malakian of System of a Down is featured on this song.


- "That mindset permeates the five songs off Linkin Park's sixth record, The Hunting Party, that Shinoda played Rolling Stone at a recent listening session in New York City. Tracks like avant-metal jigsaw riffs of "Keys to the Kingdom" and the punkish "All for Nothing" indeed sound like Linkin Park at their angriest and most adrenalized. It's undeniable Linkin Park at their most pure, since they produced the album, other than one track, themselves."

- ‘Keys to the Kingdom’: Right off the bat this track has an old-school punk vibe with a new twist. The hasty drums and explosive riffs a hardcore element to it. Vocalist Chester Bennington unleashes melodies and the balance of Shinoda’s rap verses makes for a powerful combination. Although the band will be playing arenas on their forthcoming Carnivores tour, this song has an underground feel that would welcome them to a small, beat up venue in Brooklyn, N.Y.

- "Keys to the Kingdom" opens with an affected, robotic-sounding voice yelling and then manages to make some disjointed-sounding riffs work. "I wanted you to listen to the song and be disrupted at regular intervals," Shinoda says. "I wanted that to be jarring or distracting, just kind of fuck you up."

-"Until It's Gone" kicks off with the sort of warbling synth effect that was the group's calling card on their 2000 breakthrough debut, Hybrid Theory, but builds into a brooding, textured gloom rocker that reminds listeners, via singer Chester Bennington, that "[you] don't know what you've got until it's gone."

- "Wastelands of Today," produced by Rob Cavallo, boasts a similar message – that there is "nothing left to lose" – over a herky-jerky big rock riff.

- And the final track he played, "Rebellion," uses a speedy riff and a jackhammer-fast drum line that splits the difference between hardcore and disco that, together, charges toward a chorus with the message "Rebellion – we lost before we start."

Rolling Stone adds, "The album, which will contain 12 tracks, isn't finished yet, but Shinoda is working on mixing it this week in advance of its June 17th release and the band's summer tour."

About Rob:

This approach was especially difficult for drummer Rob Bourdon who ran himself ragged trying to keep up with the music. "It's probably the hardest stuff he's ever played on one of our albums," Shinoda says. "He had to physically work his way up to it. He had to go running, lift weights, work with a trainer." Then with a laugh, Shinoda says, "He eventually went to a chiropractor because he threw his back out playing drums. I don't want to put the guy in the hospital, but it was fun for both of us to make something that was challenging to him. And he definitely feels that at the end of the day, he's a better drummer for it."

About the record:

"As a nod to their inspirations, Linkin Park invited some of these artists to play on The Hunting Party. Helmet vocalist-guitarist Page Hamilton sings on "All for Nothing," System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian appears on "Rebellion" and rap icon Rakim appears on "Guilty All the Same," a song that is available for streaming now."

And finally, about the sound:

What they came up with, Shinoda reports, is their heaviest record to date. And as he says that, he also realizes the implications of such a claim. "We didn't make the heaviest record of all time," he says. "I'm very aware that there are super, super heavy bands out there that make music that is really, really gnarly." He laughs. "We didn't make a Botch record. We didn't make a Meshuggah record. We made a really loud and aggressive Linkin Park record, maybe the loudest we've made."

The full article and interview by Rolling Stone is really good and is probably the best to come out so far about The Hunting Party. You can read the full thing here.

So what do you think? Has this changed any minds about people who were hesitant to get on board with the "heavy sound" claim?

The Hunting Party - June 17th Hahninator

Vice has debuted the album artwork for "The Hunting Party" along with a great interview with Mike!

The album will be released on June 17th!

Do the songs have names yet?
Naming shit is difficult for us, especially album titles. This one was easier than many of them; we second-guessed and argued over it. We never come up with an album title before the album.

How many people have heard this record so far?
The whole thing? Not very many. Right now our manager’s flying around right now with a five-song sampler playing it for journalists and our label, because they need to know what is coming up. The record comes out this summer, and we need everybody to know what they’re working with. Which is to say that some of it’s going to be a bit of a challenge. This is going to be a hard sell for rock radio, I knew that going in. Radio’s really powerful for selling albums—at the end of the day I’m an artist, but I’m also not stupid and I know in order to be able to keep this momentum of this thing we’ve got going, we need to perform to a certain degree.

Check out the full interview here.

Album Title & 5 New Track Titles Nameless

A report from a listening session hosted by Mike at MSR Studios in NYC:

I was at a listening session hosted by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park at MSR Studios over on West 48th Street in NYC.

He played 5 of the 12 songs that will be on The Hunting Party album, now with a TBA release date later this summer. The band is still in the mixing stages on all and final recording stages on the rest. (“Guilty All The Same” is the first single, and dare I say, tamer than what these tunes are like!) The 5 songs, “Keys To The Kingdom,” “The Wastelands,” “Until It’s Gone,” “All For Nothing” (featuring Paige Hamilton of Helmet!) and “Rebellion” (featuring Daron Malakian of System Of A Down) were all still unmixed, but every one sounded great! The band self-produced except for one of the tunes (I think it was “The Wastelands,” which was co-produced by Warner Bros Records president and A&R chief Rob Cavallo.)

I have to say, each song was better than the next, they are all extremely heavy, and as Mike said, some may even sound like prequels to their first album, Hybrid Theory. As I said to Mike, after all the “Rock Is Dead” critics and naysayers out there trying to forecast the death of active rock radio and its music, this album will totally pour cold water all over those notions and prove to the industry is it CLEARLY NOT DEAD! This record has BALLS! And now one of the world’s biggest & most popular bands is making a statement to support the music they love. The guitars are smoking, it was all recorded live to tape. (Well, there still are some electronic elements, but they are certainly only a condiment rather than a meal here.) I can not say enough about how the reaction is going to turn heads and I can not WAIT to hear them do some of these songs live in concert this summer! Mark my words, it will be one of your favorite albums of the year!

Source on

Special thanks to Jas at LPTimes for the awesome find!

Linkin Park adds Tucson, AZ festival for May 24 Hahninator


"We're headlining KFMA Day 2014 in Tucson, Arizona on May 24th. LPU Pre-Sale begins this Thursday 4/10 at 10 AM PST and will end Friday 4/11 at Midnight PST.

Visit for complete Pre-Sale details.

Additional Pre-Sale tickets will be available on Saturday 4/12 only at Tucson area Pizza Hut locations beginning at 11am PST and online here:

Tickets will go on sale to the public on Sunday 4/13 at 11am PST here:"

The festival features Linkin Park, Sublime With Rome, Memphis May Fire, Kongos (who opened for LP in South Africa), and Skaters. The show will be at Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium. This is a great deal for $35 and it will be Linkin Park's first show in Tucson, Arizona since April 19, 2003 on Projekt Revolution 2003!

This seems to be a U.S. warmup show before the European Tour. Do you think they'll add a few more U.S. shows before this one?

Linkin Park Unveils New Guests On New Album Hahninator

ABC News has posted an article revealing two more guests for the new Linkin Park album!

"As previously reported, Linkin Park is putting the finishing touches on a new album. Singer Mike Shinoda unveiled five of the songs for a small group of industry professionals in New York City on Friday, and said that he and his band mates share a growing discomfort with the poppier leanings of alternative music these days. With the new album, he says, they felt the need to return to a harder edge.

This is reflected in the first single, "Guilty All the Same," says Shinoda. He tells ABC News Radio, "It just felt like the right introduction to the record, which is kind of a shocking one."

As a matter of fact, Shinoda says the song "sits in the middle [of the songs on the album]" in terms of tone.

Linkin Park's return to the harder edges of alternative rock was evident in two of the songs unveiled at the New York listening party -- one featured Paige Hamilton of Helmet and another Daron Malakian of System of a Down .

Shinoda said that the songs were still rough mixes and that the band is busy tweaking them; he says fans can expect the new Linkin Park album "sometime in the middle of the summer.""


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