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  1. Are these confirmed numbers or speculations? If she basically has 50% of the votes, I would assume that she can block everything.
  2. The price for the package is totally reasonable in my opinion. The only complaint I have is that you have to sign up to even see the price of the bundle. Just offer a bundle with the online membership included and put it up on a public page.
  3. I agree with everything. The only thing I can see getting released through LPU are either MS/PT demos or live recordings.
  4. CD Baby is a service to publish your music independently to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. As far as I know you use that kinda of service if you don't have a label or some other way of publishing your music. Definitely not something Linkin Park would do. For example pretty much every other song Mike is involved with has "KENJI KOBAYASHI MUSIC" listed as a publisher. This is most probably "fake".
  5. Or maybe he is just saying that because you always blame Warner without having any idea if it's even Warners fault or it was the decision of someone else. You always assume that Warner is to blame for every single decision you don't like without any proof. For DSPs we had other reasons before, like the venue prohibiting it. So there are probably 100000s of reasons out there that don't include Warner at all.
  6. From the Linkinpedia page about the song: I am confused. Did the song leak way earlier but only to the public a couple of days ago?
  7. Can someone point out to me where I should be able to hear Chester in the song? I can only hear Mike.
  8. It was just my impression that the rest of the album sounded more consistent (I actually thought that it was only mixed by one guy, which I was wrong about) while especially Prove Me Wrong sounds different to me.
  9. That explains why they sound totally different in terms of mixing than the rest of the album. Good to know, thanks for the information.
  10. Do we have any information who mixed the songs? I am especially interested in Prove Me Wrong but apparently no information is available.
  11. In case people are wondering about lift off: He started with teasing the step up chorus, lift off demo verse, step up chorus, nobody‘s listening verse 1, step up chorus, drum solo (there was no sorry for now), high voltage verse 1, step up chorus 2x
  12. He was involved in one unreleased song for grandson:
  13. I don't get the "Reply to this topic" button in the Newswire and therefore can't post a reply there. A quick check shows that I am able to see this button in any other forum. I assume some quirks in the new right settings?
  14. KROQ livestream mixes never disappoint. How can they consistently be that bad? Is there a single KROQ show with a good mix?
  15. Cant decide which shows to go to. Definitely Ludwigsburg since it is pretty mich where I live. Will probably also go to Oberhausen and Munich.
  16. I dont know what happened before the video starts, but to me it looks like Matt and Dan are just screwing around.
  17. I am wondering if Mike will add it to his set now.
  18. Really late to the party but I finally finished my remix (that uses a sample, so it wasn't eligible anyway):
  19. After Cologne the only song I wished for was Watching As I Fall... Well, it was still a good show and we got Kenji.
  20. grandson recently posted a picture of one of Mike's Instagram posts on his Instagram story with the caption "you haven't seen the last of us @m_shinoda". I guess that means we can expect another song with them together in the future? Maybe for the upcoming grandson EP he hinted recently? Here is a screenshot of the story post: On the Member Guest podcast with Phoenix, Mike mentioned that he has been working on new music, specifically new collaborations with other artists lately. Let's see what happens!
  21. I will use the rest of the day (and probably most of the weekend) to finally realise the remix idea I had for Watching As I Fall back when the remix contest was going on.
  22. It‘s very obvious that they did that in Talking To Myself from Sohthside for example.
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