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  1. I'm really looking forward to saturday...Hope to see you there and have a ton of fun The problem is...I haven't got a fucking idea about where we could meet...I would prefer before the show, because I'm going alone, but then, where?
  2. Cool to see a video of it, but the parts when we can see the arms of dead guys are just not for me. I mean, I know it shows us the reality, but fuck, I have always been thinking that showing dead people with the intention of making somebody feeling sad is a little bit disrespectful. Would you like that someone was making a footage with photos of you being death? No, and I bet the Haitians in this video wouldnt have liked it either. Really, I'm not into those kinds of things. On the other side, LP made this video only for a good cause, I'm not going to complain too much.
  3. The GGG remix is really great...Moreover, it made me discover Metric back then, when Mike released it for the first time, and now I'm a fan of this band too...
  4. Well, I have exactly the same haircut now than Chester in this period...lol BTW, a killer performance
  5. Like I said: And don't tell me about No Roads Left, Across the Line, and Not Alone...those are only 3 songs... Anyway, I love how some people here are trying to justify the slowness of LP because they are "fans". I'm a fan too, but come on, 4 years between each album is just ridiculous, want it or not.
  6. Well, 4 years for an album = 4 years for (+-) 12 songs So, theoretically, it takes them 4 months to make a new song....It's just pitiful. I know they're writing a lot of stuff wich don't end up on any of their records, but we will never heard those songs, so finally, it doesn't really count for us. Honestly, despite the fact I am a Linkin Park fan, I have to admit that taking so much time for releasing new material is not a proof of talent. I'm not saying Linkin Park is a untalented band, but authentic artists can easily put out new music in a short amount of time, without the need of always rewriting a song to make it good. They also don't need to use (with excess?) programs like Protools to build their songs...The Beatles didn't have our technology, and they released 10 albums in 6 or 7 years...
  7. It was awesome I guess it's the first time we can hear Mike rapping something new since his verse in We Made it, no?
  8. WID isn't really Hard Rock, so no matter they didn't win....
  9. Would be cool if there was a Meet n Greets in Brussels (and other european dates) too Anyway, I hope they have extended the setlist a little bit since their last shows...
  10. Yes, it is about cannibalism...In a certain way, it's the most "hardcore" video of LP
  11. I voted for Across The Line , although I'm really enjoying New Divide and She Couldn't too. But ATL has that feel to it which does it better to me...
  12. I have to say "In between"...Typically a song that I would never have listen to if it wasn't an LP song.
  13. I'm sure it won't be on the new album, even as a bonus track. It just doesn't fit the LP mentality to recycle already released material for putting it in a new record...
  14. 1)On the interview: nothing new, it's always the same things that are remaining..."Something totally new, never heard before"/" Can't classify it into a genre"/... 2)On the "Back to the roots" debat: like it happened with other guys here, Hybrid Theory is THE album that put me into music...Before that, there wasn't a fucking song I could listen to. But when I heard OSC for the first time, I was like "WTF"...Then I bought Hybrid Theory and I was totally amazed by the other songs too. However, I don't want a record with same sound anymore. The reason is: it would simply be annoying, and have a negative effect on the Hybrid Theory "value". It's a question of psychology: more something is unique, more people are giving value to it. Tourists are according more interest to the Statue Of Liberty than to an electric pole because there is one Statue Of Liberty and millions of electric poles. It's the same here...At the moment, we can say there is 1 Hybrid Theory (or 2, if we count Meteora), and it's the main reason why this album is so appreciated by the fans. If there was a third record with the same sound, the value of Ht/Meteora/3 record would inevitably decrease. With a fourth record sounding like the 3 others, the decreasing would continue...and in the end, fans would lose their interest for LP. For example, there is a band called Static-X that I really liked before but not so today. Why? Because they kept the same sound over the years and their different albums. As result, when a new record of them comes out, I know exactly how it will sound like, and I listen to it maybe 1 or 2 times before to get bored.... ***One the other side, I hope we won't receive a pop/soft album again. I think LP can both be heavy and make something new.... 3) I, I care about the singles! But it's only because 1 single = 1 video (generally)
  15. I would like to have some informations about it to share here, but no... Honestly, I begin seriously to think that the new game (+new song) won't be available in january like it was said previously, but somewhere in february. In my opinion ,the music for relief effort has pushed back the 8-Bit Rebellion, so...(hey, I'm not saying it is a bad thing, I'm really into the help for Haiti!)
  16. I can't listen to this band right now, but well, if they sound like Julien-K, it's not a bad choice to me...I prefer to see 1 electro band and 1 rock band than 2 rock bands in the same show, it provides more diversity
  17. The song is average, but to me, the most important thing is the help brought to Haiti....I mean...If LP has given us "Not alone" without any goal (just for releasing a new song), I don't know if I would still like it... Anyway, if this song is an indication of what is to come in the next album (I don't think so, but who know?), I'd be fucking disappointed. This isn't even rock...Not that I'm an hardcore fan "stupidly hoping" for a come back to Nu Metal, but a record with only songs like this would be boring as hell. And it would turn into a complete disaster live (Just imagine the setlist: One Step Closer/ 6-8 sotf songs from new album/ The soft songs from MTM/ Faint....lol) I like a lot of genres in music (from metal to pop, from rock to hip hop, from blues to electronica...) but too much of a genre is too much. And we already have a pop/alternative album (MTM)... **** -> Astat What a stupid comment... For wich reason could you decide wich are the worst songs of LP? I know you're a big fan of LP, but who cares? People have different taste in music, and your judgement about those songs is only YOUR judgement.
  18. Halfway done? What a mess...LP is working on this new record since 2008 (I still remember when Mike said there would be a new LP album in 2009 lol), and it's only halfway done. So, probably no LP record in 2010... Now, I'm just wondering for wich album we will be waiting the most: MTM (4 years) or ??? (3 years? 4? 5? 10?20?).
  19. Well, I didnt know that..But in 2001 I was like 9 years old or so...lol Anyway, it's still an awesome news, doesn't it?
  20. What the fuck?!!! .....Belgium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a fucking great news, man!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time ever a band related with LP is coming in my country....yeah!!! !!!!!! By the way, I'm a daily visitor of LP Live for a while, but I had never registered until now...So a lot of thanks to the site for "She Couldn't" (and the other demos), the qwerty live proshot, and all the updates about LP/DBS/... ***Are there other guys here who plan to go to the show in Brussel?
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