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  1. This is amazing. Gonna start rebuilding my live collection again from scratch. Will there be anyway to know when there's been updates? Also will a video archive be made available in the future?
  2. He features all over the album like hahninator said. Just compare the studio versions to some of the demos on the time capsule and they stand out like a sore thumb
  3. Hey LESTAT just wondering how the collection of all the videos and mp3's download is coming along?
  4. I need this. A dead by sunrise time capsule
  5. Just spotted this https://www.reddit.com/r/LinkinPark/comments/8fl947/good_goodbye_demo_in_higher_quality/ possible upgrade or another youtube rip?
  6. Fuck yeah Lestat, I love anything to do with GD and litterally can't wait. Here's to many more exclusives in the future
  7. danacky

    Time Capsule

    Anybodys TC arrive in their mailbox yet? I only ask out of sheer envy lol plus it'll be a while longer for overseas like myself
  8. danacky

    Time Capsule

    Meant to post this yesterday looks like 2 more weeks wait and then the TC's will start shipping
  9. danacky

    Time Capsule

    I've never seen these pictures. Hopefully someone still has them as I'd love to see them
  10. danacky

    Time Capsule

    Completely understand Geki, I have a few myself
  11. danacky

    Time Capsule

    Geki just out of curiosity haven't been receiving the indiegogo updates via email after you pledged?
  12. A DBS/Snow White Tan audio and video boxset would be epic
  13. danacky

    Time Capsule

    Exactly. Plus we've heard them say on a few occasions during the live chats that they'll be trying in the future to get that kind of DBS material plus more released for the fans
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