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Tait Stages - LINKIN PARK "The Playground" [Video]


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""The Playground" – Tait’s Project Manager, Brian Levine, meets up with Linkin Park in Los Angeles, CA for their load-in and live broadcast of their Civic Tour."


Take a look at Linkin Park's crew behind the scenes at the Carson, CA (show page here) stop of the Honda Civic Tour last summer as they build the band's stage and prepare the venue for the show.


This will air on AXS TV on July 9, 2013 at 9:30pm EST. View a trailer for the presentation here:



Source here.


EDIT: You can now download this edition of "The Playground" below. Also, a YouTube link has been added. The download is via LP-Bits.org and a big thanks goes out to Nick for recording it and everyone else that helped get the downloads and video up!

720p / 492mb - Torrent

1080p / 3.09gb - Torrent


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I'm confused. Is this going to be a repeat from the Monterrey show or Is it only going to show you how they set up the stages and some parts from the performance?

going to show you how they set up the stage.


something like this:

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