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  1. The LPU post says the Presale code will be labeled MS North America Pre-Sale, however on my LPU account page it says MS San Diego Pre-Sale. Does it appear that way for others? Not a lot of time to make sure I have the right code!
  2. Really fun show, even with the start being pushed back 40mins. Have to agree with those being against the shortened songs. While it's awesome to see that many songs on the setlist it's just disappointing to be jamming to a song and it only lasts a minute. On a semi-related note, does anyone know why the show was at the baseball stadium instead of the ampitheater at the fairgrounds where they usually play in Tampa?
  3. It didn't go to my personal email account, but when I logged on LPU it was sitting there in my LPU inbox. Check there.
  4. Quick feeling is I'm a fan of the song, but still not sure about Rakim's part, but I have a feeling it will grow on me with each play. Can't wait for the whole album!
  5. Already sprung for the vip pit for Tampa. Really curious to see how it'll be at the spring training stadium, hoping it means they won't have a curfew like at the amphitheater! Hopefully I'll be able to swing the West Palm show too.
  6. I was at this show too. This show is the reason I'm so bummed LP is touring with 30stm. They were awful live at this festival. Not looking forward to seeing them again. But the openers don't matter for me anyways at a LP show!
  7. Disappointed to see they chose to tour with 30tm. Saw them play before STP w/ Chester in December and they were terrible live.
  8. Thanks for the upload! I'd also like to add I'd like to request the Incubus show when you can, many thanks in advance!
  9. Drove up from Orlando for this show. Almost to Atlanta, getting pumped! Are the band times 6:30, 7:20, then LP at 9:20? Saw those were times for one of the other shows.
  10. Crossing my fingers they stick with their setlist pattern and we get set B tonight! Does anyone know if the M&G passes have already been emailed, I'm assuming once again I wasn't picked, bummer.Are the band times going to be 6:30, 7:20, 9:20?
  11. Damn, A Certain Shade of Green is the one Incubus song I've been dying to hear live. Alpharetta will be my 6th time seeing them, hopefully they play it. Overall, I really wish they would play more songs from SCIENCE.
  12. Awesome, thanks a lot! And so far Mark is tweeting Incubus' setlist, hopefully he knows their catalog well enough to name all their songs
  13. Can anyone list mutemath setlist? Don't really know their music and want to learn a couple songs that they will be playing every night. Thanks
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