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  1. Of coarse you don't, nor do I. Only a complete idiot would think that.
  2. I would rather have exciting things like this contest for LPU CD instead of boring demos that have no vocals from Chester Bennington.
  3. Thanks! It actually did help me. I got a lot of verse 1 figured out I believe. The 2nd verse, I'm not sure at all... I will keep trying because this has been driving me crazy for a while!
  4. Is LP still doing soundboards? They didn't release Vegas or the Australia/New Zealand tour this year on the website and does anyone know if the California show and the Asia shows will be released?
  5. I have this. The chorus is spot on because it's audible. It does not use 'bloody stains' like in the album version, it says bitter stings both times in the chorus. It also does not have a last chorus like in the album version, instead it has the chorus lyrics repeated once, plus the screaming (my, my, my suffering!!) at the very end that is heard on every chorus of the album version released on Out Of Ashes. This is a very different version and it's pretty cool that we have it. It's always been surrounded by mystery I think. The verses are hard to decipher but I know we could. V1 All we see is clouds up in the sky(?) Wondering everyday if I'm gonna die All the things above, we can't tell if it's true(?) Everyone's gonna die, everything has an end Yeah (x4) CH You kiss away all of the pain You wash away these bitter stings You are to blame my suffering You kiss away all of the pain You wash away these bitter stings You are to blame my suffering V2 ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? CH 2 You kiss away all of the pain You wash away these bitter stings You are to blame my suffering You kiss away all of the pain You wash away these bitter stings You are to blame my suffering B You kiss away all of the pain You wash away these bitter stings You wash away the suffering My, my, my suffering (x3)
  6. Has anyone ever tried to figure out the lyrics? They definitely are lyrics, it's not all jibberish like some of the LP demos released. I can only make out the line ''dead on the floor, (screams)'' before the first chorus. Let's do this guys!
  7. Seriously, I hate how people don't think that Chester does anything except record vocals at the end of the process. He does WAY more than that. Also, it's not like any of us know exactly what happens during LP's writing and recording processes. Only LP really knows, and I choose to believe Mike Shinoda when he says that all the band members work on music together.
  8. On the making of Minutes To Midnight, it showed Chester and the band doing band meetings a lot. It showed a whole section that explained that Mike and Chester work on lyrics together, and they were getting mad that the rest of the band kept telling them to change lyrics and stuff. I assume they do this for each album. A lot of the making of and LPTV stuff, we can see a lot of band members there and not just Mike.
  9. Thanks, I will download these.
  10. Can you guys help me? What would you recommend as the best live show from each year (2000-2012)? I don't want one for 2013 because the year is not over yet and there are still tour dates left. Decent quality recordings, if you guys can. I want to download them from the audio section once I know.
  11. Yes, you are right. But still, I think the band did play a lot of shows near the Sunset Strip that we do not know about at this time.
  12. What the hell? I am pretty sure he would know if his band played on Sunset Strip in the past. We don't know for sure every show that the band played before 2000. Man, the hate on band member's here is crazy!
  13. Actually, Chester writes lyrics as well. Do you guys ever watch making of's and interview's and pay attention to details in them? Lol. I wish Mike would read these comment himself. Mike doesn't write every piece of music and the other members just record it. Seriously.
  14. Actually, Brad and Mike both write a lot of the Linkin Park music together. But all of the band members have a say, it's a six piece band, and each member has their fair share of what is put into the music. The band changed with Minutes To Midnight, and starting giving each member a lot of input. Chester also doesn't just come and record vocals for the song and that's it. He writes a lot of the music with the band. I don't get why I always see people here say that Mike is the one that writes everything, because he's not. If someone were to ask him if he writes the majority of all LP music, he would say no, each member is involved heavily.
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