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Songs that you dont enjoy at the concerts


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I finally had the experience to see LP twice in Mexico and i really really loved both shows but there were songs that i didnt enjoy like What Ive Done its one of their hits put it doesnt does anything in me


Also Lies Greed Misery is kinda meh.. also Numb, Somewhere i Belong and Given Up (they should give a break to this song)


i can live without those they have a lot of better songs


what about you?

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When I'm listening to a DSP there are a lot of songs I'm bored with. Like Crawling, SIB, New Divide, BTH......


But there was not a single song at all the 9 shows I've been to which I did not enjoy because it's always an unique experience for me.

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AT the concerts I'd probably enjoy every song but listening to a concert is different.

this is so true, it's easy to sit here and be all critical, but at a show - i defy anyone here to not be so pumped to simply be there...


I said I disliked WID live, and that I find myself wanting to skip it when listening to the DSPs, but I would still be singing it at the top of my lungs at a show

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