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14.08.12 Mansfield, MA, Comcast Center


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Make–up dates? Old news! It’s time for the full Honda Civic Tour line-up to show its face. Mansfield prepare yourselves, because this is the real deal...


Linkin Park has visited Massachusetts 13 times in its career - with Boston’s (now closed) Axis nightclub playing host to them in late ’00, all the way up to their latest performance in Boston’s TD Garden Arena, 2011 – quite a good indicator of the band’s rocket to success, right!?

After tonight, Mansfield itself will no longer be able to count LP’s appearances here on one hand, as this will be their 6th time in the town. The band stopped here on two back-to-back dates of the Ozzfest Tour (the band’s third time ever playing the same venue on consecutive days, and the 2nd time of four this was done on Ozzfest), and while Mansfield missed out on LP’s ‘02-’03 tour schedule - as places like Foxboro, Worcester, Lowell and Boston held the mantle – Mansfield became a staple visit on later incarnations of the Projekt Revolution tours, stopping here in ’04, ’07, and ’08.


The band will be playing tonight in the 19,900 capacity Comcast Arena, which is not a new venue for LP – the outdoor arena having been known as "Tweeter Centre for the Performing Arts" (1999-2008). The band has never played any other venue in Mansfield.


Tonight marks the first “proper” night of the Honda Civic Tour with Incubus co-headlining, a funny coincidence, given that this was also the location of the first night of PR08! The band played Mansfield just over a week before Chester got sick on the A Thousand Suns Tour. although to be fair, Chester’s more than filled up his “ill quota” in Mansfield...

Ozzfest, MA (08.08.01) - anyone remember this?


As this is the first HCT date, hopes, and indeed, speculation of onstage collaborations have been creeping around fan-sites, Mansfield could be in for something special. Song debuts and collabs are not uncommon on stops in the area – Jonathan Davies (of Korn) came onstage to perform on One Step Closer’s Reanimation Bridge on PR04, while PR08 saw Chris Cornell guest on Crawling, and “We Made It” (with Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star and Alex Monroe onstage) being played for the first time in front of a major audience. However, Mansfield’s PR08 also saw songs being dropped – as this was the only date in the entire Minutes To Midnight touring schedule that the band did not play What I’ve Done! (dropped due to venue time restrictions). Speaking of dropped songs...

The past two dates in Bristow and Uncasville saw Set C repeated, both times with Crawling dropped under unknown circumstances despite being on the setlist. Mansfield has been assured of a new setlist, yet everyone’s on the LP team has been pretty keen to keep it a surprise; LP’s Production Manager Jim Digby kept quiet about setlists in a recent LPU chat, yet he also kept quiet on the Pyro front – and look what we got! The last time we posted about the Pyro, the video wasn’t great – so get a better look at this – great stuff!


Mark (Hahninator) and Jonas (AndOne) will be hanging out at the MFR booth tonight, so come and say hi to them, and of course, donate to Music For Relief while you’re there!

Mark will be continuing his setlist tweets, not just tonight, but on the next 3 dates of the tour up to Alpharetta on the 19th, so go follow him at twitter.com/hahninator for live updates!


Only time will tell what the next setlist will be like, not long now! still, any predictions?

who here will be keeing an eye out for Incubus setlists as much as the LP ones?


For the upcoming HCT dates, and the full 2012 Tour Schedule, check the year page here



01. Tinfoil

02. Faint

03. Papercut

04. Given Up

05. With You

06. Somewhere I Belong

07. New Divide

08. Victimized/QWERTY (sound problems: no Mike 1st half) (no LFY mash-up segment)

09. Lies Greed Misery

10. Points Of Authority

11. Waiting For The End. (Apaches intro: Ext. Intro w/Until It Breaks v.2)

12. Breaking The Habit

13. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent "Ballad Medley"

14. The Catalyst

15. Lost In The Echo (New Intro)

16. What I've Done

17. One Step Closer


18. Burn It Down

19. In The End (w/PMA Guitar part)

20. Numb (Joe slip-up: missed intro. Numb/Encore Lyrics)

21. Bleed It Out (w/Sabotage ; ext. 'Sing-along' Bridge (of chorus part))

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Wait the new setlist.

And......"SiriusXM's Town Hall with Linkin Park" will air on Octane channel 37, on Tuesday, August 14 at 9:00 pm ET and will be rebroadcast throughout the week. Airs August 14 at 9 pm ET. Rebroadcasts August 15 at 3 pm ET; August 16 at 9 am ET; and August 17 at 12 pm ETThe special will be hosted by SiriusXM host Jose Mangin."

we can listen LITE live today if someone can record it.

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New setlist tonight.

Gotta find a way from this hotel four miles away to the venue lol. Any takers?

If you can't find anyone, try the transit system. It's a pretty good system (traveled on it for a week while I was up that way in June): link.

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  • Tinfoil
  • Faint (Ext. Outro)
  • Papercut
  • Given Up (Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note)
  • With You (2012 Intro)
  • Somewhere I Belong (2012 Intro)
  • New Divide
  • Victimized/QWERTY
  • Lies Greed Misery
  • Points of Authority
  • Waiting for the End (Apaches Intro, Wall of Noise Outro)
  • Breaking the Habit
  • Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow of the Day/Iridescent
  • The Catalyst
  • Lost In The Echo (Ext. Intro)
  • What I've Done
  • One Step Closer

    ---------------Encore Break---------------

  • Burn It Down
  • In The End (w/ Pushing Me Away Guitar)
  • Numb (Intro Mess up; Numb/Encore Tease Outro)
  • Bleed It Out (w/ Sabotage & Sing-a-Long Bridge))

Just an estimate. My setlist comments will be edited here, too

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