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Summer Tour Rehearsals Begin!


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More than 1 new song - definitely, but don't think it's possible (not counting headline shows in Bucharest & SPB) because of festivals.

Hope there will be more than just 1 setlist on festival shows.

Want to hear Burning In The Skies, especially I hope they'll play in on Maxidrom festival, because it was #1 song of the year in Radio Maximum's charts in 2011, and this radiostation is Maxidrom's organizers.

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I'm going to the Warsaw show and there's a part of me that wants it to be a standard ATS tour performance (because I haven't attended one yet) and the other part of me wants it to be a really fun series of shows with a lot of suprises like... By Myself, Pushing Me Away (Reanimation), Don't Stay (one of my favorites... and they haven't played it in Chorzow - the only show I've been to...), you know, stuff they haven't played in a while (remember Forgotten? ;) )


But I'm 99% sure that it's going to be ATS tour + Burning It Down.

And it's still going to be fun.


EDIT: Maybe they'll try doing Robot Boy? Pooch said that the guys have had it rehearsed... Not that I'm a fan of the song but it would be fascinating to see them singing it. It could have actually been a nice performance concerning the song's instrumentation...

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Well I really loved ATS, but, sadly I couldn't attend any show of that tour so I hope to hear Burning in the Skies and Iridescent plus The Catalyst, they were one of my favourites. If anything new then I'd love if they added No Roads Left and/or Pretend To Be/Across The Line or maybe made some comeback for High Voltage or/and In Pieces in any form. One other thing that could be awesome (and quite plausible btw) is swithching The Little Things Give You Away with The Messenger or some other acoustic song for encore opener. Oh, and changing Papercut for A Place For My Head or Points of Authority (which they will never do I guess).

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ive seen that LP only has 75min for playing by Pinkpop..... I hope thats a fault. Because only 75Min as a headliner by RIP/RAR "the mainstream people" wont love LP anymore.


i hope for 3 or 4 songs of LT. and although maybe 16-17 old song.

i bet that they throw away the introludes from ATS. And we see maybe a comeback of POA and SIB.

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And One, High Voltage (Frat Party), Forgotten, Runaway, CFTI, PMA (normal HT version), Don't Stay, Figure.09, Nobody's Listening!!!, LOATR, NMS, BITS, WFTE, Wretches and Kings!!!, She Couldn't?


I'd like hear most of them live, which is not possible in any way, so at least few of them at a single show would be fine with me.

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P5hng Me A*wy, One Step Closer (Reanimation Version), In Pieces, High Voltage (Live Version)

With You, Runaway, Figure .09, Across The Line, No Laundry

which is not possible in any way

what he said :lol:


Hope there will be more than just 1 setlist on festival shows.


just sayin'

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My set-list so far:



01 - The Catalyst

02 - Papercut

03 - Given Up

04 - When they Come for Me

05 - New Divide

06 - No More Sorrow

07 - Figure 09

08 - Somewhere I Belong

09 - Numb

10 - Irridescent

11 - Waiting for the End

12 - Crawling

13 - What I've Done

14 - Medley (Nobody's Listening/POA/Forgotten)

15 - A Place for My Head

16 - One Step Closer


17 - Burn It Down

18 - Faint

19 - Bleed It Out




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I would like them to only play Burn It Down on the Europe tour in the next few months, that way we all will get to hear the new songs in studio first, learn them, and them rock out during the US tour and all the later tours to come (Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa). I would love to see With You and Points return, chances are slim though. I just hope they get rid of all the ATS interludes and make a hard hitting energy packed set.

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