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  1. What's sad is that it is only a matter of time before someone says "Hey, where is the TINFOIL acapella?" By the way, already downloading them, and I don't even do remixes usually.
  2. Apologies it too so long. Gave the album a few listens. Sorry if this sounds like other reviews. I'm not a professional. lol But here goes... LOST IN THE ECHO A really fantastic opener. Mike begins rapping over the beat. Chester can be heard singing harmonies in the background. They fit the song really well. Extremely well paced chorus. After the second chorus, scratches can be heard and it sorta reminds me of "Blackout". It's not bad, but I'd have preferred just the 20 second instrumental interlude into the last chorus but it works. IN MY REMAINS The song starts off with a guitar with some scratches as Chester takes the lead singing to a beat and some piano in the background. The chorus comes in and it hits you right in the face. Another verse followed by another chorus. The bridge hits and you can hear the military style drums with Mike singing those familiar lyrics "Like an army, falling, one by one by one." I would be shocked if this doesn't happen to be a single. BURN IT DOWN We've all heard it by now. The chorus is very catchy and you will see yourself singing it before the song is over. The rap/rock element shows here once again. Meant to be a single. Let it pass... LIES GREED MISERY Mike begins rapping over a distorted beat which honestly, to me, goes together really well. The bridge slows down the pace of the song but then builds back up and everything just goes nuts. Screams. Distortion. Beats. Guitars. All at once. Holy shit... I bet the last 30 seconds of this song is what many believed VICTIMIZED to sound like. More on that in a bit... I'LL BE GONE I think it was Astat who mentioned the connection between this song and "When They Come For Me" on A Thousand Suns. I definitely get the connection. Not to mention both tracks are #5 on their respective albums. A mind blowing fact all in itself. I like the pace of this song, and the chorus just destroys anything I have heard up until this point. Possibly my favorite chorus of any LP song. Another single worthy song. CASTLE OF GLASS I will go on record and say that this is the song I was looking forward to that had me intrigued the most. The intro sounds like nothing I've ever heard from the band up till this point. Brownie Points!! Every element of this song is great. I love the use of the background melodies and I am a fan of Mike having the lead singing. It was one of the main things I loved on ATS with "Burning in the Skies" and "Iridescent". VICTIMIZED The song EVERYONE was waiting to hear. It starts off like how people thought it would but 20 seconds in, the vibe changes. I thought it was going to be 2 full minutes of Chester screaming like it would be the last song that he ever screamed on. We didn't get that and I am okay with that. There are some songs where I like to be able to understand what is being said in the lyrics and if it was just scream-o, I wouldn't be able to understand it. I guess my only complaint about this song is that it would have easily been twice as long. ROADS UNTRAVELED Right away, you can tell it will be a ballad. That put a smile on my face. Anything with piano makes me a happy guy. Mike begins singing once again to open this track. I like this trend. The chorus might be one of the most beautiful things I will ever hear. The "Woaoooohhhhhh....Woaoooohhhh..." got me singing alongside right away. The song dies down near the end and then just explodes with power once again. Just beautiful. SKIN TO BONE This is my "meh" song off of the album. Where the song isn't bad it it's own right, it just doesn't seem to fit for me. I think someone already said that this felt like a filler track. I think they hit the nail right on the head with that comment. UNTIL IT BREAKS Essentially four songs in one. Well, I get the folk feel from it. I was pleasantly surprised when I listened for the first time. I thought I heard Brad it in and after rereading some reviews, that confirmed it. I get a Fort Minor feel in the first half of this song. I liked Brad's part. I am looking forward to seeing how this will be portrayed live. TINFOIL After listening the first time, I couldn't tell where TINFOIL ended and where POWERLESS began. This IS the intro to POWERLESS which in my mind, clocks in at 4:55 and not 3:43. I will just count the two as one song. POWERLESS Right away, I am pulled in by the piano for this beautiful ballad. Chester takes the lead this time with the lyrics "And you held it all. But you were careless to let it fall. You held it all. And I was by your side........Powerless". By the second chorus, I was singing along. I believe Mike chimes in with the "ohhhhhhhh". The song ends with Chester in the distance almost screaming "powerless". One of the most amazing outros to a Linkin Park album. It's hard to choose whether I love this one or "The Little Things Give You Away" more. They are both just absolutely amazing. TLTGYA might have a slight edge. Overall, it is just an incredible album. It is full of immense energy. I recommend this album to anyone who has a chance to get it. Definitely something I can listen to at least a few times a day. I waited until the day of the official release and I can honestly say I am happy I did. My Rating - 8.9/10 I think that is a fairly accurate rating. If SKIN TO BONE wasn't included, I believe it would have been higher.
  3. Thank you for ruining all of my fun. Y U SO technical?
  4. THIS ALBUM IS A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!! I can't fucking stand these guys. I would rather have an elephant shitting in my ear and listen to that than listen to a song off of this record again.. Who th.............. Oh wait. That's my review of the latest Nickelback album. Sorry. Living Things album should be posted soon =)
  5. I just left Best Buy and got my copy. Heading to my car now. Going to listen to it on the ride home and hopefully post a review of it. Good work on anyone who waited until today to listen. If the album is as good as some of the members here on the forum say, this could possibly be my favorite LP album to date. See ya'll later.
  6. In the same boat!! 7 and a half days to go hahahaha
  7. When the album gets released, I am going to have this up on my computer and go through it as I listen to Living Things for the first time. Just reading this review made me smile =)
  8. I am still going to wait until the album actually drops. I didn't even listen to Lies Greed Misery when LPA got the okay by Shinoda to leak it. I'm strong and I can wait =)
  9. I will be waiting until I have the physical copy of the album in my hands as well only because I have enough going on in my life that I can wait the 3 weeks before it comes out. The only thing I remember listening to when it was leaked was the DBS album. I waited years to hear that.
  10. Amazing performance, nonetheless. This album is going to be awesome.
  11. Castle of Glass is what I am looking forward to hearing the most at the moment.
  12. I would love to see them play P5hng Me A*wy again, a piano only version of Iridescent, APFMH, and maybe a cover of some sort.
  13. It's hard to say something like that. We are all entitled to our own opinions. Personally, I disagree. I mean you could argue the fact that one is better than the other. Don't get me wrong, I love both Linkin Park and Incubus, but there is just something about Chester's voice. He can do just about anything. Mike said (I believe it was on the MTM DVD) that he would challenge anyone to try and sing songs just like Chester and they wouldn't even come close. His voice is just so intense and unique and is definitely one of the most powerful voices I've ever heard in my life. And I've heard A LOT of music. Some might say he might not be the greatest singer of all time, but he would rank in top 5 in my book.
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