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    Carnivores Tour in Clarkston, Michigan. I was going to go to the Grand Rapids show at Van Andel Arena until it got cancelled due to Chester breaking his ankle.

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  1. Not sure if I should try this but I am going to anyway. I have a screen recorder on my Computer and I am planning on trying it out on the PR 02 portion of the Stream Rerun. However I do not feel safe sharing it on here or even Youtube, so I am just going to keep it for my personal use/viewing. I do not make enough money to buy a Super Deluxe Box Set, so this is the next best thing. If it is ok with whoever runs this site I could at least convert it to Mp3 format audio and share that on here. Just want to make sure I am not breaking any rules on here. That is why I am asking the Head Honchos of this site if it is ok. If not I will not do it.
  2. I am sure just like Live In Texas and Road To Revolution that they will at some point show up somewhere on Youtube.
  3. Can anyone upload a mp3 audio rip of LPs last webcasted show in Europe this Past June at Rock Werchter 2017 in Belgium? Thank you in advance.
  4. Does anyone have these 2 shows? I love Minutes To Midnight era recordings.
  5. Anyone have the 2008 Detroit show at Joe Louis Arena? Michigan is my home state.
  6. Does anyone have these shows? They are some of my Favorites.
  7. I am going to the Clarkston show August 30. I Can not wait! It will be my First LP, 30 Seconds To Mars, & AFI shows all in one.
  8. With You Runaway Figure .09 Across The Line No Laundry
  9. I relate to "Fire" most because I'm a christian & that song to me has a christian/relgious message in it.
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