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Your Top 10 Favourite Linkin Park songs


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So we have a thread over at LPA like this but i wanted to have won hear so we can hear your thoughts on your personal top 10 LP songs.


1. Breaking the Habit- this will always be my favorite LP song, it basically almost always has been and i don't see them coming out with a song better then this. I also think this song is Lyrically their best, and it just conveys so much emotion, and will just always have a special place in my heart and is one of my favorite songs of all time.


2. Faint- Faint displays an emotion mixed with awesome lyrics and heavy sounding song. I like the lyrics in the song and it has always been a favorite. Plus it is very catchy.


3. In The End- for a short period of time this was my favorite LP song, that was a long time ago but it is still high up their. The raps from Shinoda and the vocals of Chester compliment this song well. The cleverness of Mike's raps mixed with the powerful and meaningful voice of Chester create an atmosphere that compliments the instrumentals to make an amazing song.


4. Leave Out All the Rest- If you sit down and pay attention to the lyrics of MTM, this is one of the beautiful songs on MTM. To some it sounds like just another pop single, but to me it is so much more than that and it has awesome lyrics that provoke out passion in Chester's voice and it will forever be my favorite from MTM.


5. In Between- what's not to love about this song. One of my favorite slower songs from LP. Not only that the biggest shine on this track is Mike's vocals. This is the song where i think Mike's vocals are the best (besides maybe the ending of Blackout). Mike's vocals are just on some next level than usual, and i think the lyrics along with his voice and the instrumentals create a masterpiece of LP songs worth deserving such a high spot.


6. One Step Closer- SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU (couldn't think of anything better to put, lol)


7. Crawling- Crawling has always been a personal favorite. The lyrics can be interpreted in many different ways and showcase Chester's raw talent. It may be a simple song but it creates a vibe of a song that you want to listen to, that has has lyrics that can be meaningful, that can be catchy at times, and can show you that even their old days that Linkin Park were geniuses


8. Given Up- I never understood why LP fans who liked Meteora/HT never liked MTM and in particular this song. If you ask people who hate MTM, a lot of them will say the best song on the cd is What I've Done. I never understood why a lot of them disliked Given Up because it is heavy and has the raw energy of their old school songs. It mixed the old with new, oh and Chester's 17 scream makes this song even more epic.


9. Don't Stay- Some people criticize the lyrics of this song, but these lyrics can be meaningful. Most people say you have a bad life if this lyrics actually mean something to you but that isn't necessarily the case. and even if the lyrics aren't some mastermind work, they are fun to sit down and enjoy. The energy and the vocals shine the most on this song with the lyrics in my opinion not as bad as people say.


10. Waiting For the End


HT: 3

Meteora: 3

MTM: 3



If top 15: Somewhere I Belong, In Pieces, Figure.09, Papercut/Wretches and Kings (tied)


You don't have to put descriptions, I just did because I copied my list from LPA to here and made some changes on some of the descriptions.

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When did you change your sig?


Anyway, here we go. No order to these, but they are in sort of chronological order. Sort of.


High Voltage [2000 Reprise] - This, I think, was the first indicator that Mike could really go all-out with his rapping if he wanted to. From Hybrid Theory [EP] through Collision Course, Mike's rapping was very...robotic, emotionless in the studio, really. Like, you could feel the emotions that were being conveyed, but you sure as hell couldn't hear them. The 2000 reprise of High Voltage wasn't like that. There, you could hear the intensity, hear the fierceness in Mike's voice. You could tell he was really into it. Why this song was cut from Hybrid Theory I'll never understand.


Reading My Eyes - Speaking of emotion, Reading My Eyes (and the whole demo tape for that matter) had the bite that I was talking about in the first paragraph. Maybe it was due to the presumably live nature of the recording (or as live as it could be), or how young they were, I don't know. In any case, Reading My Eyes is a beast of a song, even in the shit-ass quality that it tends to be floating around the net. When I heard it on LPU 6, I freaked out. The song's content was quite different from pre-2007 LP, as well, with topics usually only touched on in Mike's solo songs, be it with LP or Fort Minor.


FRGT/10 - Reanimation was one of those rare remix albums that just takes the original, smashes it to pieces, and reassembles it into something completely different, in a damn good way. FRGT/10 is probably the best example of this, throwing away the original instrumental, both verses being re-recorded with references to every previous version of Forgotten, heavy as fuck bass, and of course, the best guest verse on the entire album, courtesy of Chali 2na. You want to sum up Reanimation in one song? Here's your fucking song (preferably with the [Chali] skit preceding it).


Pushing Me Away - I wanted to say the piano version, because it's really a beautiful arrangement, but it also ditches the best parts of the original, so we'll go with the original here. There's a reason Hybrid Theory ends with PMA, and it's because this song is one of the best on the album, and one of the best of LP's entire pre-2007 output. While it (and HT and Meteora in general) reek of a teenage-esque angst, PMA definitely does it in one of the best ways. The trading of lines in the pre-chorus and bridge between Chester and Mike is some of the best in LP's catalogue, and the energy in the song just carries fantastically throughout. The bridge in PMA is one of my favorites as well.


Standing in the Middle - So far I've hit a whopping one main album track. Off to a great start. Anyway, Standing in the Middle is really a hilarious song to me, particularly because of Motion Man's verse. Like, yeah it's a serious song, but the way Mike and Motion call out to each other throughout the song, it just sounds like they're having way too much fun with it. This would've been way better on Reanimation than X-Ecutioner Style, even though that song probably fits better in the context of the album.


The Little Things Give You Away - What can even be said about this song? For seven years we waited for LP to break the "verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge in 3 and a half minutes" mold that they'd been stuck in, and when they finally did, at the end of an album that certainly challenged the fans they'd gained (though that challenge was nothing compared to what we'd get three years later), it defied the expectations I'd set for it when we first heard about it in interviews. The slow build-up throughout the song, exploding into a powerful, emotional (albeit rather simple) solo from Brad, and then somehow building even more into the ridiculously grand vocal outro, capped off the album that, in my mind, set the band on the track to stay relevant, to become, finally, a band "for adults", as derogatory as that sounds.


No Roads Left - And then we have No Roads Left. The primary b-side of the MTM era (though we'd get several more through 2010), this song showed off, in a much better fashion than In Between, just what Mike Shinoda was capable of when he wanted to "pull a Chester", so to speak. And while he certainly is no Chester, Mike's voice isn't something to brush off like it's nothing, because goddamn is it something. This was the song that made me want to hear way more of Mike's singing voice, and what we had at the time sure as hell wasn't enough.


Iridescent - Iridescent is, in my opinion, the highest point of A Thousand Suns, an album that certainly has quite a few high points. The way the song builds, starting off with just a piano, and ending with a cacophony of sound, is fantastic, and the trading of vocal duties between Mike and Chester is top-notch. I think Mike's singing voice was at its best on the album here, along with the end of Blackout.


Waiting for the End - Of the three songs with Mike's rapping on the album, Waiting for the End was my absolute favorite, even if it had the smallest amount of rapping. The way he delivers the verse is different from his usual style (a norm for this album), and I think it worked pretty well. One thing I don't like about the live performances of this is how Chester doubles the rapped verse. Bro, just let Mike have his time to shine, you get to rap in Blackout. Chill out.


Burning in the Skies - And we end with this, the first real track of A Thousand Suns and the first song to hint at the overall theme of the album. And what a theme it was. I know a lot of people aren't fond of the slower, downbeat songs that LP puts out, but they're actually my favorite ones, personally. I like when I can just sit back and be immersed in atmospheric songs like Burning in the Skies. This was also our first taste of Mike's new, stronger singing style, where he seemed to have more practice and was more comfortable in his voice. Burning in the Skies is probably my favorite track from ATS, maybe second to Iridescent.




Issho ni - I didn't include this in the main list because let's be honest here, this is a Mike Shinoda song, not a Linkin Park song. But still, it's my absolute favorite Linkin Park instrumental. It's just so...meaningful, even without a single lyric. It's one of those songs that gets across the message without having to say it - the message of "We're here to help." The message of "You'll get through this. Have hope." It's a powerful song if you listen.


So, what's the tally?


Xero - 1

Hybrid Theory and b-sides - 2

Reanimation - 1

LPU 4.0 - 1

Minutes to Midnight - 2

A Thousand Suns - 3




P5hng Me A*wy, My<DSMBR, Breaking the Habit, Nobody's Listening, Step Up, In Pieces, Valentine's Day, Across the Line, Blackout, Numb/Encore/Yesterday (2006 Grammys), The Radiance (Live), Pale, Slip

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Lol I'm not gonna give you long paragraphs. I can't come up with anything to say.


Valentine's Day- Song that got me in to Linkin Park. Will always remain a favourite.


The Catalyst- Second favourite track from A Thousand Suns. Blew me away the first time I heard it.


Jornada Del Muerto- I've already told you guys about my playlist for this song.


Hands Held High- This song has brought me to tears before. Always in my top 3.


Iridescent- Love the gang vocals. Love Mike's singing


She Couldn't- ...


What I've Done- The music video made me like the song even more


Shadow Of The Day- ..


P5hng Me A*wy


The Little Things Give You Away- Awesome awesome awesome. Needs to make a live comeback!


There could have easily been other songs here but you gotta pick!


HTEP(?): 1

Hybrid Theory: 0

Reanimation: 1

Meteora: 0

Minutes To Midnight: 5

A Thousand Suns: 3


Honorable mentions: Numb, Burning In The Skies, The Radiance (live version), Papercut, Somewhere I Belong, Breaking The Habit, No More Sorrow

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In no specific order:


Hybrid Theory

With You - In my opinion this track is everything Linkin Park is known for, except screaming, and that's why I like this one so much. It's the perfect blend of electronica, hip-hop, and rock. Great lyrics and digital effects.


Pushing Me Away - My favorite song off of the album. Just the lyrics and overall emotion. I've been attached to this song since I was eight years old. That was in 2002.


Minutes To Midnight

What I've Done - I remember when this song first came out, I was blown away. There was very little Mike, and the style I was used to wasn't there, but I still thought it was one of the best Linkin Park tracks i've ever listened to. Incredible.


Hands Held High - The minute I heard Mike start rapping, I was blown away by the level of emotion and thought put into this song. Beautiful ending as well. Instant favorite after the first listen.


In Pieces - I wasn't a big fan of this song when I first heard it, but I really love it now. The guitar solo and energy at the end of the song is amazing. The lyrics helped me get through a break-up.


A Thousand Suns

Blackout - If anything made me go nuts on A Thousand Suns it was Blackout. The song was so good and kept switching up to even better parts which made me go crazy. The ending portion of this song is my person favorite. Mike's lyrics are just amazing.


The Catalyst - When I first heard this song aside from the previews, I nearly had a heart attack. I was so into the whole vibe and overall transformation throughout the song. Beautiful. Instant classic.


The Messenger - The lyrics remind me of my mother who passed away when I was six years old. She played guitar and sang to me, so finding out Chester wrote this song for his children, really touched me.



Burn It Down - This song feels like the perfect blend of the last two albums. The lyrics are great, the chorus is nice and catchy, and Mike drops a heavy rap-piece. Reminded me of Blackbirds, but more electronic.



Blackbirds - When I heard the 18 second snippet of this song, I remember literally going crazy. No Linkin Park song up until that point (2010) made me react like that. Mike's verse was just deadly. The full song is beautiful. Quiet, yet loud. Energetic, yet calm.


Hybrid Theory - 2

Minutes To Midnight - 3

A Thousand Suns - 3


(Other Songs; non-album) - 1

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1. Faint - everything LP is/was known for: lots of guitar, rapping, and screaming. Great overall song that is fun to listen to.


2. Iridescent - one of my favorite slow songs from any band. Great uplifting lyrics, etc.


3. Waiting For The End - like Iridescent, but more upbeat/faster, good lyrics.


4. In The End - the song that really got me into LP, granted it was in like 2007/08; LOVED it back then. Really like the bridge. This will always be one of my favorites.


5. Don't Stay - like Faint, but no rapping. Really like the guitar sound on this song (and all of Meteora for that matter)


6. The Catalyst - Despite the repetative lyrics, I still think this is a really good, high energy song. Like the ending a lot.


7. A Place For My Head - The bridge is just epic. Lots of energy, especially towards the end. Easily my favorite live song, don't like the studio version quite as much.


8. Papercut - Nice blend of rap and rock is what really makes this enjoyable. Not really much to say for this one.


9. One Step Closer - Great bridge, and overall a high energy rock song. 10x better live, but still really good.


10. Figure .09 - Kind of sounds like LP was trying to recreate OSC here. Not quite as good, but still an awesome song.


Honorable Mention - Across The Line, Shadow Of The Day, Bleed It Out.

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1) Numb

Lots of people hate this, song, and I genuinely have no idea why. The chord progression is lovely, the production is perfect without sounding mechanical (like elsewhere on Meteora does), Chester's vocals are gorgeous and all the melodies are brilliantly catchy. It's certainly not the heaviest song and it's not the most adventurous one either, but there's a certain understated class to this that not much else early LP has, and I think Numb gets a bad press purely because it's overplayed.


2) Iridescent

The best ballad the band have written to date. Mike's vocals in this are fantastic, capturing the vibe perfectly. The song builds magnificently, and the bridge with the gang vocals sounds warmer than any other moment on ATS. And then there's the big triumphant finish, featuring some of Rob's best drum work. Stunning stuff.


3) A Place for My Head

Killer riff, killer rapping, a killer chorus, just... killer. The way it all dies away and then slams back twice as hard during the bridge is brilliant, and the outro is pretty much the heaviest moment in any LP song.


4) Don't Stay

Similarly heavy, with some awesome vocals by Chester. A bit formulaic perhaps, but the riff is hefty as hell and the way it builds from Foreword is great.


5) The Little Things Give You Away

Still LP's most progressive song, this has great drums throughout, a beautiful guitar solo and the best vocal harmonies in the Linkin Park catalogue. Closing Minutes to Midnight in style.


6) And One

In my opinion this is easily the most BADASS moment in Linkin Park song history. Chester genuinely sounds like he wants to kill someone on this, and it's thrilling. Why it didn't make it onto Hybrid Theory I don't know.


7) One Step Closer

Another great riff, this is almost like And One but with slightly less edge. Still a great song.


8) When They Come for Me

I usually hate hip-hop, but this is just ice cool. The percussion works brilliantly, Mike's verses are great and the outro manages to sound super heavy sans guitars.


9) Faint

Probably the most fun Linkin Park song to dance to. Love the beat, love the riff, love the chorus. Live outro rules.


10) My December

Really, really beautiful. What utterly makes this song is Joe's subtle effects throughout, making this so damn atmospheric.

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I don't have any real order for these, but here we go:


1. Iridescent: My God, this song is just beautiful. From Mike's verses, to the almost progressive like guitar riff, to the intense gang vocals and drumming, this song is just perfect, IMO.


2. Breaking The Habit: This is the song that got me into LP back in 2008. This song is precious to me, because it was my first taste of non-heavy guitar driven songs (growing up listening to Metallica and Van Halen), and it introduced me to the band that basically changed my life.


3. In The End: This is the song that introduced me into the heavier side/ rapping side of Linkin Park. I never realized that LP had rap in it till I heard this song. Ever since then, I've warmed up to rap overall, and I've become a rapper (rock rapper lol) thanks to Mr. Troll and this incredible song.


4. Little Things Give You Away: Wow, this song is just intense. (That's all I can say lol)


5. Given Up: Dat scream. DAT SCREAM. Holy crap, that song. It definitely tailored to my old tastes that I grew up with, and the song was just an awesome way to get my angst out. (Sorry, I'm 16 ^^;)


6. In Pieces: I'm actually listening to this right now, and it took a while to get into this song, but I just love it. The melody, Chester's vocals, and the solo... some of the best LP has done, especially during that period.


7. Papercut


8. A Place For My Head


9. Waiting For The End: What isn't great about this song? It's awesome in all respects.


10. Robot Boy: When this song was released, I hated it. I've never hated a Linkin Park song before, but I HATED this one. However, I could never get it out of my head. So I kept listening to it, over and over, and now it's one of those songs that I can't live without. It's simple, but it's powerful, and I love it.




1. Crawling

2. Blackout

3. Hands Held High

4. From The Inside

5. Across The Line

6. Blackbirds

7. Burn It Down (already lol)

8. Forgotten

9. Leave Out All The Rest

10. Shadow of the Day

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Waiting for the End

One Step Closer

In Between



And One

Part of Me

Hands Held High

A Place For My Head



If I wasn't typing from a phone I would go into more detail.


Edit: formatting

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1. The Little Things Give You Away. I'm surprised alot of people are putting this down, I thought I was kind of alone in this situation. Beautiful song. What a fricken ballad they wrote. Every second of this song is worth hearing. The second that opening acoustic guitar kicks in, if I am in the right mood, chills will go right down me. The chorus is so orchestral. The end is so epic. etc.


2. Iridescent. Deciding if my other 2 favorites from ATS will make it in here, but I know that this one will. This song is so good and mellon-collie. Its like that one tear that comes down your face. But just one. It makes you think.


3. Papercut. ITS LIKE A-

This song will always be chest pounding, head banging and epic to me. Its like that old tv show you can't stop watching, when you know so many better things are on. Chester's straight yelling in the chorus I've always found to be great.


4. Reading My Eyes. Seriously. I wish there was a better version of this song. But the version I have is remastered by somebody on here or some lp community (whoever it is, thank you). This might be the best rapverse-chorus-rapverse-chorus-bridge-chorus song they've ever done. I pray that this song gets a re-release in the future. Maybe not them rerecording it or anything, but I'm sure (hoping) there is an old Chester version from 98.


5. Krwlng (or Crawling in general). Krwlng is so sad. It makes the emotional appeal of the song go from the regular teen-angst presented in the original song to, OH MAN, this is the saddest thing I've ever heard. But Crawling is their only really big song that I can still listen to and not want to change it right away.


6. P5hng Me A*wy (or Pushing Me Away in general). P5hng Me A*wy does the opposite that Krwlng does. P5hng Me A*wy turns the song from sadness and pity to anger. Very distorted anger. But I enjoy Pushing Me Away alot as well. Its one song I'm always going to love by them.


7. She Couldn't. I think this song might just be more appealing to me (and anyone who listens to it) because 1. Its so unlike the Linkin Park that was present at the time and 2. It was so randomly found and kept hidden from the fans for so long that you felt really cool and indie for knowing it xD. Regardless, She Couldn't is very sad, and it is as if Chester is talking to you, not about himself. Esp if a breakup was recent.


8. Numb. I was thinking I could get away with one major hit, but I couldn't. I can't deny my love for Numb, no matter how old I am or those around me get. Its written so simply and Chester belts out alot in the bridge. <3


9. The Catalyst. I remember the first day I heard The Catalyst and I was like "...seriously?" because it was so unradio-friendly. 2 years later I couldn't think any more differently then I do now. I love the beat of this song, it constitutes for a 80-mph car race down a brightly lit city. And it feels really good to sing along to.


10. Blackout. Just take what I said about The Catalyst. I feel the exact same way about Blackout. ATS in general is a great car-at-night album in general. I'm surprised I didn't struggle more with this top 10.


Honorable 11-15-

11. Carousel

12. Across The Line

13. My December

14. Breaking The Habit

15. Shadow Of The Day


Pre HT -3

HT -4

Met -2

M2M -3

ATS -3

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1. What I've Done. Been my favorite LP song since I first heard the 30 second preview. I was going through a lot at the time when this song came out, and the lyrics hold a really special place in my heart, I also love the guitar riff and the piano, I love everything about the song. I was also in LA when the song was released, I drove by the famous ''Houdini House'' where this song was worked on. Added a special vibe to it as well.


2. Papercut. This song helped me a lot in middle school, I've always been quiet and paranoid. I love the lyrics and the beat, I love Mike's rapping.


3. Given Up. This song describes me all the time. It's so pissed off and angry, you just want to throw a temper tantrum while listening to it. I love the 18 second scream.


4. Faint. Used To Be my favorite LP song until I heard WID. I just love the catchiness of the song and the guitar. I love the screaming vocals. Brings a lot of energy.


5. Blackout. Only song on ATS to feature screaming, and boy does it feature screaming. The vocals in this song are incredible and I love how it goes from heavy and huge to quiet and melodic.


6. What We Don't Know. I am absolutely in love with this song. I can cry listening to it, you can hear the raw emotion in Chester's vocals. It's a MTM demo but it sounds really amazing. I love it.


7. Valentine's Day. Almost the same reason as WWDK except for the fact that it's not a demo.


8. Breaking The Habit. I've always loved this track, it relates to me a lot with the things I dealt with growing up. I wanted to change myself. I wrote ''I'll paint it on the walls'' once with sharpie on my wall. This song is great live and will always hold a special place in my heart.


9. Crawling. Same reason as BTH, it relates a lot to me and a lot of other personal things I don't feel like discussing here. It was also the first LP song I ever heard back in 2001. I loved it.


10. Don't Stay. The raw anger and energy this song brings automatically makes me want to break shit and fight. Heavy Meteora song.

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1. Papercut- I remember the first time I heard this song. I was 13 years old (I'm 19 now). I instantly fell in love with this song. If someone wanted to hear what the old LP sounded like, this is the perfect example.


2. Don't Stay-This is my official pump up song. This song is wonderful to workout or run to.


3. When They Came For Me- Mike Shinoda.. Bravo! This song is very different but I love the tribal drums with Mike's rapping. The lyrics are some of the best Mike has ever written. Hands down.


4. My December- Chester's voice in this song gives me chills. Beautiful song.


5. Figure .09- Not much to say about this one. I just love it.


6. Lying From You- The song that hooked me to LP. I heard it on the radio when I was 12. I thought it was the perfect mixture. Rapping, singing, screaming, heavy guitars, and a hip-hop vibe. Instantly fell in love with it.


7. Leave Out All The Rest- Linkin park became my favorite almost two years before M2M came out, and I remember being so anxious to hear the new music, it being my first album to come out as a real fan. I was kind of going through a hard time in my life, and this song almost evoked tears many times. It was the perfect song at the perfect time for me. It's special to me.


8. Blackout-Very experimental and fresh. I love it, especially Mike's part towards the end.


9. Breaking The Habit- Just a beautiful song, hands down.


10.By Myself- This has been one of my least favorite LP songs until about a year ago. I always liked it, but didn't appreciate it like I do now. Mike's lyrics are good, as well as Chester's addition to the song.


Honorable Mention:

11.FRGT/10- Favorite Reanimation song. Love how they transformed Forgotten into this remix. Love the feel to the song and the heavy beat.


12. In The End- First LP song ever. Made me realize who they were. Classic


13. Shadow Of The Day- I love this song. One of my favorite melodic songs by them. Chester's voice and solo=win!


14. With You- Classic for hardcore fans. This song takes me back to the fall of 2005 when I was getting into LP and got this cd for my birthday.


15. In Pieces-Good lyrics and epic solo by Brad

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1. One Step Closer

2. A Place For My Head

3. Waiting For The End

4. Papercut

5. Given Up

6. Lying From You


8. Across The Line

9. Faint

10. Burn It Down or Wretches And Kings


Hybrid Theory: 3

Meteora: 2

LPUnderground 6.0: 1

Minutes To Midnight: 1

LPUnderground 9.0: 1

A Thousand Suns: 1 or 2

Living Things: 0 or 1

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1. The Little Things Give You Away

A masterpiece in every sense of the word. The way the song flows from acoustic simpleness into a full blown epic guitar solo is just beautiful. I look forward to the day Linkin Park releases another epic like The Little Things. It is subjectively above and beyond anything else in their discography.


2. In Pieces

This song holds a special place in my heart thanks to the completely down-to-earth lyrics. The way the explosive guitar solo bridges the indie, skat-punk intro with the alternative rock outro is masterful. I've always felt the song to be hauntingly beautiful.


3. No More Sorrow

I still get chills to this day from the Ebow guitar and the thundering drums pump me up like nothing else. I've also always loved Chester's vocal delivery. So raw and powerful. I feel the song has always been highly underrated in the Linkin Park community.


4. Blackout

If this song had a prominent guitar piece in the aggressive half I'm positive it would be my favourite. That said, it's still a mind-blowing song. The fact that the band made a heavy song with nothing but piano and synths says it all. And the soft half is quite possibly my favourite piece of any ballad the band has done.


5. The Catalyst

As close to progressive rock as the band has ever gotten. The scope of this song is just insane. Not to mention "Lift me up/Let me go" is just legendary.


6. Across the Line

This feels like the perfect bridge between Nu-Metal Linkin Park and the more experimental side of today. It's a shame the song was never on Minutes to Midnight. It's also got some of my favourite lyrics the band has ever written.


7. Faint

It's fucking Faint. What's not to like?


8. Papercut

Ever since The Catalyst was released, I consider Papercut to be its much older (if a little worn-down) brother. Still a headbanger no matter what the occasion.


9. A Place for My Head

The best guitar riff Brad has ever conceived. Verse 1 is just badass to the max and the bridge is the epitome of heavy-as-fuck


10. New Divide/What I've Done

Both songs feel interchangeable at anytime because they're so similar. I feel like these two demonstrate alternative Linkin Park at the purest level.

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* Note: This list will probably change for me once Living Things comes out.


10. P5hng Me A*Wy- I personally think that this version of the song far exceeds the original. Just like with some of the other songs on Reanimation, this remix was a whole reinterpretation of the song. Also, the Live in Texas version with Mike singing is very moving. It's definitely the highlight of the entire song.


9. Faint- This is the song that made me a Linkin Park Fan. I remember seeing it on TV when I was a kid and watching the video. I always thought to myself, "Why is the nerdy guy in the glasses so angry?" :lol: The song is full of catchy hooks and relatable lyrics, but its one of their most high energy songs . Once that string line comes in, you know its time to fucking party! To me this is one of Linkin Park's signature songs and should never be cut from their set lists.


8. With You- One of my favorites on Hybrid Theory and one of my favorite LP songs to play on guitar. The ambient and ghostly verses contrast very well to the high energy choruses. The pre chorus also has a very interesting melody that made the song stand out on Hybrid Theory and become one of my favorites.


7. New Divide- When this song came out it was my favorite for awhile, but that was probably because I was starving for some new LP at that point. But it has still remained one of my favorites. Chester's vocals on the choruses drive this song along with the catchy synth line and kick ass breakdown.


6. Breaking the Habit- This is one of Linkin Park's most emotional and moving songs to date. Its by far the best song on Meteora. At the time of its release, there was no other LP song like it. It pushed their limits and foreshadowed what was to come in the future of their career.


5. In Between- Yeah, you heard me. This is the most under appreciated Linkin Park song of all time. But in reality, its one of their most honest. Mike's somber vocals on this song make you feel like he is truly sorry for what he has done. The lyrics are very poetic and straight to the point. Its definitely not one of their most "in your face" songs, but thats what makes it great. It just starts off with Mike and a Cello line, and it doesn't have to have an unneeded crescendo to be amazing.


4. Blackout- I think this one is very self explanatory, we all know how kick ass this song is. With its aggressive vocals layered over a melodic yet powerful electronic section. The song goes all over the place. First, your listening to this very ambient, synth filled soundscape. Then all of a sudden your getting fucked in the face by Chester's god-like screams and scats. When you think it can't any more insane, it transitions into a breakdown of glitch filled vocals and kick ass drum beats. And just when you think its over, Mike hops in and puts chills down your spine with a very powerful and melodic melody.


3. The Catalyst- This is one of my favorite Linkin Park songs because it shows how much they pushed themselves while making A Thousand Suns. It starts out as this very abstract piece of music and then it slowly transforms into this powerful electronic rock anthem that still has that Linkin Park feel. It manages to push their boundaries, while remaining to be catchy yet aggressive. The "Lift Me Up" part of the song still gives me chills to this very day.


2. No Roads Left- This was originally number 1 and I decided to change it at the last second, but the 2 came very close. Anyway, the thing I love most about this song is Mike's voice. He sings it with so much passion and energy. I can also relate to it as well. It's lyrical themes of being screwed because of running away from problems, instead of fixing them, speaks to me, because of insecurities and self doubt. Theres a part of me that wishes this made it on to MtM and theres a part of me that doesn't. If this song made the cut, I don't think it would be as special. I kind of get a little bit of pride by having a favorite LP song that most casual fans aren't aware of.
































1. Iridescent- When I first heard this song, it put chills down my spine. Hearing it right after WJ&L was one of the most amazing musical experiences of my life. That last line in WJ&L catches you off guard and it is the perfect setup for this beautiful, uplifting song. It gives you this combined sense of fear and hope, which is perfect in the context of ATS. The song crescendos from this desperate, deserted wasteland into a powerful rock ballad. Instead making you want to sulk in your sorrow, it gives you hope for the future and gives you the strength to do something about it. One of the many highlights of this song is the second verse. It's lyrics are so moving and are accompanied by a beautiful melody and harmony. The clash of Mike and Chester's voices are unreal. This song truly shows the great chemistry the two of them have as vocalists.

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update to my list:


1. Breaking the Habbit

2. Faint

3. Lies Greed Misery

4. In the End

5. Leave Out All the Rest

6. In Between

7. One Step Closer

8. Crawling

9. Given Up

10. Don't Stay

__________________________________________________ _________________


11. Burn it Down/Waiting For the End

13. Somewhere I belong

14. In Pieces

15. Figure.09

16. Papercut/Wretches and Kings (tied)


HT: 4

Meteora: 5

MTM: 4

ATS: 2

LT: 2

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A Place For My Head


One Step Closer


Bleed It Out


Breaking The Habit




Burn It Down




From The Inside



Honorable Mentions:


No More Sorrow


With You




Points Of Authority



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Completely redone from before:

1. Waiting for the End: I fell in love with this song right away and it continues to be one of my all-time favorite songs. If you break it down, it's a simple pop ballad with rapping around it. The experimentation with the structure and instrumentation really helps and Mike and Chester nail the vocals to bring this song to the next level.


2. Until it Breaks: Mike delivers some of his finest rapping on this track flexing lyrical muscles most probably didn't realize he had. Chester's mini-verse/chorus thing sounds amazing and puts a nice little breather between Mike's monstrous raps. Brad's singing at the end really ties everything together sonically and reminds me of Hands Held High in a way. The crazy structure alone made this a standout track on Living Things but it's the execution that puts it here among my favorite Linkin Park songs.


3. One Step Closer: This song will always hold a special place in my heart as my first favorite song. It got me into the band, into music, and I will always love it because of that. The song itself isn't anything special really and is simple, angsty nu-metal. It's fun to rock out to though.


4. Roads Untraveled: Mike's voice is just perfect for this song. He sounds so wonderfully vulnerable on this track as he sings the first two verses. "The love that you lost wasn't worth what it cost/and in time you'll be glad it's gone" is probably my favorite set of lines from any Linkin Park song and then dropping all lyrics for the next minute or so really lets that one sink in. The vibe, the build, and the lyrics are just amazing. Having Chester sing after everything drops our was also a nice choice as his voice definitely gives a different feel and is perfect for his compassionate verse before everything explodes once more in a dramatic flourish to finish the song.


4. In Between: Tied with Roads Untraveled is our first experience with Mike singing a whole song. His vulnerable voice once again shines on this one and fits the mood of the song perfectly. This song made me love Mike as a musician even more than I already did. After Rising Tied opened the world of hip-hop to me, this song opened the world of soft music to me. Without it, I wouldn't have given Minutes to Midnight another chance and I'd probably be stuck in the "if it doesn't have heavy distorted guitars, it ain't worth listening to" mindset that I was in pre-2007.


6. And One: Speaking of heavy distorted guitars, this is probably the BEST song out LP's nu-metal days. Chester sounds angry on this one and growls out some of my favorite pre-MTM Linkin Park lyrics. The catchy, heavy chorus and some experimentation with the structure that was mostly absent from other Hybrid Theory and Meteora era tracks are also big reasons why this is among my favorites. Mike's rap at the end is also pretty great.


7. Blackout: Linkin Park is really at their best when they experiment. Chester's angry vocals sound crazy against the poppy synthesized background but somehow manage to work wonderfully. After the second chorus, we have one of my personal favorite moments from any LP song in that crazy glitched-out bridge before settling down into that amazing outro.


8. Part of Me: Some of my favorite verses from Mike in a farily standard rap-rock tune. Combine those raps with some of my favorite riffs in any Linkin Park songs and you have a winner. Also, I love the way Chester sounds on all these HTEP tunes. He sounds so angry and has that nice grunge tone to his voice. I wish he'd sing like that more.


9. Victimized: Linkin Park being heavy AND experimenting a bit? Yes, please! Having one verse sung and the other rapped definitely caught me by surprise on the first listen. Hyped up as LP's heaviest song to date, it didn't disappoint as Chester screams over distorted guitars to intersperse Mike's verses. If it had been a little longer (maybe a guitar solo?) it would have been even higher on this list.


10. Figure.09: I don't know what it is about this song, but I can't get enough of it.


Honorable Mention:

11. Jornada del Muerto

12. When They Come For Me

13. Skin to Bone

14. A Place For My Head

15. Castle of Glass

16. Hands Held High

17. Iridescent

18. No More Sorrow

19. Nobody's Listening

20. The Catalyst


Edit: formatting

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Updated list:


1. Breaking the Habbit

2. Castle of Glass

3. Lost in the Echo

4. Skin to Bone

5. Lies Greed Misery

6. Faint

7. In the End

8. Roads Untraveled

9. In My Remains

10. I'll be Gone



11. Leave Out All the Rest

12. In Between

13. One Step Closer

14. Crawling

15. Given Up

16. Victimized

17. Don't Stay

18. Waiting For the End

19. Somewhere I belong

20. In Pieces

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  • A Place For My Head
  • No Roads Left
  • I'll Be Gone
  • Castle of Glass
  • What I've Done
  • Lost in the Echo
  • Roads Untraveled
  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • When They Come For Me

    -----------------HONORABLE MENTION--------------------

  • In My Remains
  • Fear
  • Tinfoil/Powerless
  • Faint
  • With You
  • Given Up
  • Figure.09
  • Numb
  • Breaking the Habit
  • Waiting for the End
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It should be...


01. Lost In The Echo

02. In My Remains

03. Burn It Down

04. Lies Greed Misery

05. I'll Be Gone

06. Castle Of Glass

07. Victimized

08. Roads Untraveled

09. Skin To Bone

10. Until It Breaks

11. Tinfoil

12. Powerless

13. Crawling

14. The Catalyst

15. In The End

16. Faint

17. Given Up

18. Blackout

19. One Step Closer

20. Bleed It Out

21. A Place For My Head

22. What I've Done

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