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  1. I think I posted this in another thread, but it seems to have gotten buried. The guide suggests that What I've Done currently has an extended ticking intro. (I know it doesn't actually say extended, but it's implied). Really, Mike's piano part just comes in two measures later than it normally would, so it's just the "ticking" for two measures. It's not any longer. I know it's kind of nitpicky, but worth mentioning. fixed by Mark
  2. I think it was the same number of loops and the piano just came in later (maybe Mike messed it up), but I'd have to see it again.
  3. Summer Sanitarium 2003, Metrodome. Not sure if I'll get to any shows, might go to Tinley Park.
  4. They have been there the whole time.
  5. After thinking about it a little more, I think "The Hunting Party" is the title and it will be released sometime in June. Apparently there won't be any puzzles this time, which is kind of disappointing.... As for the website, the clouds will probably fade away to reveal the tour with 30 Seconds to Mars. So we basically have everything except release dates for the single and album. Edit: I wouldn't think LP would be making such a big deal out of this if it were just for Transformers.... They're treating it like a new album, not one song.
  6. I don't know what "The Hunting Party" would mean if it's not the album title, but I would think that 6.14 would mean June 14th, not June 2014, because I think 2014 is kind of a given. But we also thought that "Living Things" was just a clue and meant nothing at first, so I don't know.... I hope we get some puzzles to work out instead of them just giving us information lol.
  7. I thought it was played at a soundcheck somewhere around there. Weren't QWERTY's bass lines and one other song played at a soundcheck like a year or two ago? And POA was on two 2010 setlists but not played.... maybe they rehearsed it?
  8. That's a good point, they did. Especially the Requiem opening, it felt like something big was about to happen, more so than most intros.
  9. I've been wondering about a way for each show page to list all of the LPL members who were there. Or guest comments at each page. It could get out of hand/difficult to moderate/etc. but it could be interesting. And yeah not sure if you were planning on waiting for the next version, but I sent in a ton of banners a while ago and was wondering if they were getting used.
  10. I saw them once on the 2011 North American arena tour. I could have done without them, they kind of seemed like ways to fill time/give the band breaks. They were interesting on the album to make it flow together, but a live setting is different - it's less about flow, more about individual songs. Some (The Requiem, Empty Spaces) made sense because the former opened the show and the latter was short. But others (The Radiance, Fallout) took up time that could have been used otherwise, and we basically just stood there during them. Even if they would have been taken out and replaced by nothi
  11. http://lplive.net/shows/20080725.php I think the venue's name had changed to Time Warner Cable Pavilion by the time this show occured, based on the ticket and show poster; Wikipedia says it was changed in 2008.
  12. I think it's second verse and chorus, not chorus and bridge.
  13. So, I was just watching the Olympics on NBC and a commercial for the upcoming series "Revolution" came on and Roads Untraveled was used in it. Not that it's terribly newsworthy, but thought it was interesting. I'm too lazy to find a video right now.
  14. Blue is a make-up of a cancelled show. http://lplive.net/lingo.php Sorry for the double post, but were Bleed It Out and Faint played at this show? http://lplive.net/shows/20080215.php There's no note mentioning their absence, and LP's live downloads page says they were played, but LPL's setlist is missing them. If they were played, someone might want to add them.
  15. Can someone upload the last four tracks for me? When I transferred songs from my old computer, Blow Your Mind, By Myself, My Own Summer, and One Step Closer apparently didn't make it. Thanks!
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