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New Music: The Raid - Redemption


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This is from Mike's blog


"My first film score, “The Raid: Redemption,” is finally here.


Listen to a few of the tracks from the soundtrack now at TheRaidSoundtrack.com, including the song “RAZORS.OUT,” which features Chino from Deftones/†††. If you pre-order the album, you get “RAZORS.OUT” instantly.


TheRaidSoundtrack.com is the ONLY place you can get the physical CD. You can also pre-order the digital album download only and it will be delivered on 3/20.


“The Raid: Redemption” opens in New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington DC on March 23, and nationwide April 13. Watch the trailer HERE.




Cover art here. So, we can listen now and pre-order the score! Enjoy guys!


EDIT: Mike has uploaded some songs off of the soundtrack on his Soundcloud page. Listen to the tracks HERE. These songs are on the sampler for the soundtrack.


Songs on his Soundcloud:

- RAZORS.OUT (feat. Chino Moreno)

- Drug Lab

- Trapped

- SUICIDE MUSIC (feat. Get Busy Committee)

- Dog Fight



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Will the physical album be released in stores? I want to buy it, just not online...if possible.

For the moment it seems the only place to purchase is on TheRaidSoundtrack.com but I'm sure after the release it will be made available at other outlets. Might not have a widespread release though.
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what is people opinions on the full album?

Solid score, pretty well done, though some of the shorter tracks are a little bothersome because they're so short. Both vocal tracks are badass. Worthwhile release overall.
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