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"Linkin Park will lead together with Metallica and Die Toten Hosen the main headliners for Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. The most popular U.S. rock group of the last decade is about to release a new studio album in the summer of 2012 and play the twin festivals for first time after a period of five years."


Source: rock-am-ring.com Translated by Tomer


Hot995 adds: "LINKIN PARK have been in the studio and they're almost done with a new CD!


According to sources close to the band's label, WARNER BROTHERS MUSIC GROUP, the iconic band has about four more songs left to master before being 'mostly' finished' with a new CD for the label which should be released in the fourth quarter of 2012 - meaning close to Christmas. "


And MSN has to say: "The quote on the side: Back at the dawn of the millennium, nu-metal reigned supreme on the rock and pop airwaves. Combining heavy metal and rap, the style inspired strong opinions in both directions, and Linkin Park, though not the standard-bearers of the genre like Limp Bizkit, probably sold the most records. For example, their debut, 2000's "Hybrid Theory," sold over 10 million copies in America alone. Still, going strong despite the lack of cultural cachet, the band will release their fifth, very loud album in 2012."


So we've heard summer 2012 and winter 2012...when do you think it'll be released?

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So in linkin park language of release dates, winter 2013 is when to expect it?



This all has yet to be confirmed by the band, but I guess they wouldn't tour without a new album, right? That way, it seems pretty legit to me.

three words: "summer", "festivals" and "2009"...


either way, it's still news on album stuff and a few shows etc. glad I popped in today :)

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I don't think the album will be done by Summer 2012. Remember when LP played Summer Sonic in 2006? It took almost another year for the album to come out. LP played a bunch of shows in 2009 and people said ATS was coming out then, but it came out a year later. Pretty awesome that they're finally doing RAR again!!! If they do, maybe a SUMMER US PR!!!

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Winter of 2012 is more like it


Summer of 2012 can be the release of the 1st single form the album

Everytime LP releases the first single for the album, the album comes out like a month or two after. I don't think they'd release the first single and the album 6 months apart.

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