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Best Songs to Open/Close


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Open- With You, Don't Stay, or One Step Closer.

Close Main Set- Bleed It Out or In The End

Open Encore- What I've Done or In Between, or PMA (Studio) this was only during the Set Y shows during the European Tour in Summer 08.

Close Encore / Set- Bleed It Out or One Step Closer.

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Open: No More Sorrow

Close main set: A Place For My Head

Open Encore: My December

Close Encore: One Step Closer


ps: the best way to close a set was APFMH and OSC and i dont think that WID its a song that belongs to an encore, its more like a song in the middle of the set.

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In Between? Really? lmao. I think it's a song that goes in the middle of the set to be honest. I'd like to hear/see it live but not in an encore at all.


Open: Wake/Given Up. Don't Stay and With You are excellent, but they've been done a LOT. Wake/Given Up was solid this cycle...I really like it. I preferred it to the NMS opener actually. NMS long intro works quite well in the middle of the set. DS and WY both work perfectly though of course. If done right with proper intros, I believe Crawling, Faint and Breaking The Habit can all be VERY effective opening songs.


Close Main Set: Faint or Bleed It Out. BIO closing the entire show is weak, and I prefer OSC closing it all. Then you need a place to put BIO and I like Faint closing the main set really. I guess do BIO w/drum solo, then Faint to close the main set. Faint is excellent.


Open Encore: What I've Done is perfect. Crawling w/Reani intro absolutely owns too. Either one.


Close Encore: APFMH/OSC should close every show, no damn doubt.

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Opener: Don't Stay. But NO, I don't wanna see DS opener anymore, LP ruined that song since 2007... So now I would pick No More Sorrow / One Step Closer.


Close Main Set: Bleed It Out.


Open Encore: Crawling w/Reanimation intro or What I've Done. I think BIO with drums intro works good too. Cure For The Itch too.


Close Encore: ONE STEP CLOSER ONLY. Faint works good too, but OSC is best LP closing song for ever. I don't think that LP need Reanimation bridge, LP created a lot of good extenders during past years, so I think this is no problem to create better bridge, and maybe make longer and more powerful outro.


Like Hahninator said, I think Faint or Crawling opening would be interesting too. But, of course, both should have new (really powerful) intros. But every setlist should be closed with One Step Closer, there not needed any rotation.

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Best song to open main set: One Step Closer

Best song to close main set: Bleed It Out


Best song to open encore: What I've Done

Best song to close encore: Faint (my fav LP song)

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Open main: Wake/Given up,One Step Closer (wo bridge)

Close main: the Messenger,Bleed it out

Open Encore:Crawling(w/Krwlng intro)Empty Spaces/WTCFM

Close Encore:Faint/One Step Closer(w/bridge only)

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