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BOOM we are back!


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It's been a quite long time for all of us (slightly over 2 months to be exact) but we are finally back! For real this time, promise!

Why the hell did it take so long you might ask? We had to deal with older files and a broken database, but we made it! With LPLive currently consisting of about 800 show pages and over 1100 show entries, everything takes a little longer.

We want to thank for your patience, and additionally I want to thank the entire staff and especially Amanda for spending her precious time on all the difficult stuff.


A few things are not totally fixed yet but we are working on it!


So what happened in the meantime? About a week after our site crash the band was forced to cancel five shows in a row (with only the two Texas shows being re-scheduled...), the US tour wrapped up successfully and new tour dates for Japan were just announced with probably a couple more Asian shows to come!


Next up is the Summer Tour in Europe in June, mostly dominated by festival headline performances with four Projekt Revolution shows and a few arena shows.

Spring is here and we can't wait for the next tour to come, and we'll try our best to keep you entertained in this break!



Speaking of that, we now come to the best part, our next LPL exclusive! We dug deep for this gem.

What it exactly is and more info about it is coming very soon but until that here's a little preview:



Yes Billy, it's you!

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i believe i know what it is and it will blow your FUCKING MINDSSSSSSSSS! this will be the sickest shit you've ever seen from LP, this will top the era where it's from! :)

Great, now you gave me goosebumps. I can't wait for this exclusive to drop now!

I love LPL and their exclusives!!

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This is like a super secret surprise guys. I'm a mod and I don't even know what it is!

I bear RED group, but don't have a clue about the exclusive too.... O_o




On another note - I'm very happy that the site is back up!!! Finally!

Probably from now on - backup will be the first thing to do each morning after waking up :)

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