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  1. Well then. Ill just crawl back into my hole.
  2. Linkin Park has played Wastelands off of their upcoming album The Hunting Party at KFMA Day 2014 Check out the clip here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6is9b4Un5Is What do you guys think?
  3. Don't suppose anyone knows how to record guitar in StageLight? If it's possible at all :\ I'm using the rocksmith real tone cable.
  4. Never received remix #4 :\ What is this business!?
  5. Yeh I'm really stoked at the price actually, cheaper than most concerts for my favourite band in the whole big wide world plus the amazing stone sour? Yes Please!! Bought tickets like 2 seconds after they went on sale
  6. I've got sydney uni covered, I've got work all day today but ill go first thing tomorrow. Lawdy, im so excited! ahhhhh!!!!!
  7. I'll have just finished cleaning up my cream from all this excitement and then the single will come out and I'll explode everywhere again, probably blinding people.
  8. Good to know that he actually wants the head like a hole cover out there, i spose that might increase the chances of it happening somehow
  9. i think Figure.09 is in SWAT when the baddy man gets pulled over
  10. Your better off downloading the 13 parts separately dude. There's only one seeder on the torrent.
  11. for the love of god people. SEED SEED SEED! As much as I like my download goin at 10kb/s it would be nice if it went a little faster.
  12. So anyone gonna record it and put it up for download after?? cause I dont much feel like getting up in the wee hours of the morning unless i have to.
  13. one step closer is on RB2, Bleed it Out is on GH:WR the rest is DLC for RB3 and GH:WR
  14. No one is this dumb, go away troll. I chose Iridescent, Points of Authority and No Roads Left. I took me about 10 minutes to try and choose them haha. What did you guys put for artists to collaborate with?
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