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  1. It's not completely out of the norm for Comic Con. Metric did a secret show after a Scott Pilgrim screening there back in 2010, Childish Gambino did a show there in 2011. This would definitely be one of the bigger names they've had. Also to kinda clarify, they won't be performing at the convention itself, but in the area near it. SDCC takes over most of the city surrounding the convention center so there's always tons to do. There's a House Of Blues not far, but it's seemingly all booked up, except for the 27th, and the show on the 25th is a late show, so it's still feasible that LP could play there by themselves at like 8, depending on if HOB would wanna clear out/clean/set up for the next show by 11.
  2. Oh man, SDCC just got even more awesome this year. Now excuse while I freak out about tickets/on sale dates/if theyre on sale/etc.
  3. 311 is a bigger venue band than The Offspring, thats all that was. Plus yeah, Offspring was direct support for them on that tour, but 311 still only played 4 more songs. Pepper was the actual opener.
  4. Go look at the page again, the pics are not only of LP. The old style mic pic is not theirs, and the shot of the camera is Blink 182. Maroon 5 is everything the hints have said so far, and more so than LP. You don't have to believe me, just dont be surprised when I'm right.
  5. Guys, its going to Maroon 5. They just keep using pictures from previous headliners, but that doesnt mean they are playing. All of the clues match perfectly to Maroon 5 right now.
  6. Everytime they get one through, its like a mini-victory.
  7. holy shit. whoever is operating the dump button is a fucking moron.
  8. It wasnt so much censored as it was "I've giv-BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP-with me"
  9. Gotta love bleeping a whole line of the chorus for one "fuck" Also bleeping almost all of the breakdown. Big bucket of fail.
  10. I know opening with Papercut is nothing new for them, but everytime they do it, I get excited at the prospect of them doing HT in its entirety.
  11. Oh yeah man. I was at 7 shows during PR04, and I NEVER got tired of that set. From start to finish, it was just pure energy.
  12. I agree. The PR04 setlist was one of, if not THE best setlist I've ever seen them do. That intro with Don't Stay was amazing.
  13. I keep checking back hoping that it'll be up. I can't wait.
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