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LP are back in the studio


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In before "Studio time is holding up the new album."

stop spamming....wtf


Well, let's be realistic here. 2030 sounds just about right, but even that may be too soon. lol.

yeah it seems a bit too soon :s

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double post
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If they're working on fixing up those "50-60 songs" they had last year in December-January, right before the start of the "Making of ATS", I'm going to rotflol so hard at you guys for doubting me, that my nuts will fall off and rotflol as well

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am i one of the only ones that believes that the cd will come out next year> im mean yes they have been slow at releasing albums but they said they wanted to write more music more often and also there was two years between HT (2001) and Meteora (2003) and they toured for Hybrid Theory. so I belive we could see it next year

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