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  1. uhhhhhh ATS is rock????, oh, i was think that ATS is POP, electronica, alternative. ATS = Crap
  2. The fanboys and fangirls think the big thing is just because they met Linkin Park, and are less or worse still discriminate against those (Hahninator) that have no chance just because they have few economic resources.
  3. Again???!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we want Don Gilmore Back!!!!!!!!!
  4. My Songs: A Place For My Head, Figure.09, Runaway Pure Nu Metal Finally, the band has realized the mistake they have made to change its style of music, the survey says it all.
  5. who cares???, i want hear the old LP, this is not the true LP that i meet in 2000
  6. Radio Stations of my country El Salvador starts to bruit about a perfomance from LP
  7. Hope they will make Nu-Metal again
  8. Im very dissapointed, the worst album of LP: #1 A Thousand Suns #2 Minutes To Midnight There is almost no involvement of Rob, Brad and Phoenix in this album, Now I understand why Linkin Park wanted to get out of the Warner Records in 2006
  9. God, please make that LP change the Logo, im bored to see the stupid logo of MTM D:!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ok, i hear the songs Figure.09, Fear, Runaway, By Myself, A Place for my Head, Forgotten Excellents Transtitions +10 but Little Thigs Give You Away r very very messy -4 the others songs, bad mix -5 Score: 6 pts.
  11. 3 reasons because i hate The Song.... 01. SUCKS 02. SUCKS 03. SUCKS is not LP, is another pusy pop song, chester not scream, brad lost escence, and mike wheres the rap?, mr. hahn is not hear in this song, phoenix is very single in the bass, really LP lost escence. Mario.
  12. hmmmm... i hope what LP, make your music more heavy , if LP follow with the same of MTM i leave be a fan of them , MTM is an ERROR OF THE LP MUSIC, sorry but is true, i miss so much the old school LP, and i hope what the new album not be emo music, with that LP dead... i like more IRON MAIDEN i recomended hear that band, is cool ... Ultraman_Nexus
  13. im so happy for LP, because they win to Fall Out Boy (This Band Sux), but the anothers Nomines is very very very difficult, congratulations LP.... Ultraman_Nexus
  14. If they have not occurred the LPUs in versions 2, 4, and 6 have been of Remixes and Demos and LPUs 3, 5, and 7 has been Live tracks, I wait for with anxieties this LPU 8... {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif Ultraman_Nexus
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