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ATS Released In UK w/ Live Tracks + LPTV


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A special version of A Thousand Suns has been released on iTunes UK featuring 6 live tracks from the MTV World Stage performance in Madrid. Get it HERE.



"New Divide" (Live in Madrid)

"Waiting for the End (Live in Madrid)

"Breaking the Habit" (Live in Madrid)

"The Catalyst" (Live in Madrid)

"In the End" (Live in Madrid)

"What I've Done" (Live in Madrid)


Also, a new LPTV from the LPU Summit in London has been released HERE.



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hahaha! my bro and i are in the LPTV episode as well! (thanks to pez for pointing it out ;D) that makes it 2 LPTV appearances for me!!!

Narc is a LPTV whore! And Pez is a Faint stage whore! But that's bad as! Can't wait to see us LPLivers on LPTV aus edition! Edited by kurtis912
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Seriously? They overdubbed the fucking album version audio of Faint over the LPU'ers playing the song at the jam session? LPTV has officially stooped to an all-time low. I don't care if Fiore's camera audio isn't the best quality, that's a slap in the face to every one of those fans that was up on that stage. Absolutely inexcusable.

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