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  1. Pillows in the sky in slow mo: http://vk.com/video-1067739_168876451
  2. We have some awesome shot from the stage in slow mo. Stay tuned.
  3. Hm... So where is "exclusive Linkin Park sound packs and unreleased songs"?
  4. I'm going to the show and M&G. Maybe I will post some photos in my twitter. Looking for tweets with hashtag #LPLIVESPB2012. When I talked with Adam in Moscow, he said it will be great show. When I asked about any surprises, he said he doesn't know.
  5. If you can, upload it on Demonoid please. Thanks.
  6. With Linkin Park at same day will play The Rasmus and Clawfinger. And one more band "Therapy?".
  7. Damn. I wanna hear "Castle Of Glass" right now. Awesome
  8. No, it's translate as "Just Rock" or "Justrock". Maybe they got confused with the letters. I think it's just ad for internet. Poster will be soon. According to organizers also Garbage and Sunrise Avenue will play at the festival
  9. This is not "Rock Port" festival, this is "Prostorock" festival".
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