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A Special Announcement (feat. Kanye West)


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Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Mr. Kanye West...


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Thanks to [AndOne] for the sweet image.


Linkin Park played in Camden, NJ on August 3, 2004 (show page here) and as you might have seen in this thread, there is a full proshot DVD of the show that has leaked and is currently in the hands of several Brazilian traders (hence the image above). One of them shot a video of 'Lying From You' with his digital camera and uploaded it, but that's all we have from the show.


This is a legendary show for many reasons. Many fans consider the Projekt Revolution 2004 setlist the best setlist that Linkin Park has ever played (myself included). The Gacela Of The Dark Death intro to 'Don't Stay', the Hip Hop Medley ('Step Up', 'Nobody's Listening', & 'It's Goin' Down') and more were all featured in the setlist. This was the only tour where LP transitioned 'Figure.09' into 'From The Inside' and 'Breaking The Habit' into 'Numb' with instrumental transitions - amazing much? Bert McCracken from The Used came out on 'Faint', a fan was called on stage to play guitar on 'Faint' as well and Jonathan Davis from Korn came out on 'One Step Closer'. The show had the fan favorite 'A Place For My Head', the band's cover of Nine Inch Nails' 'Wish' and many other hits.


This is the ONLY video recording of the Projekt Revolution 2004 tour and I know I'm not the only one that would say a full release of this should would be legendary for the LP fan community. Only three audience audio recordings exist (one being the bad quality Darien Lake, NY show)... two of those being the popular Somerset, WI and epic tour-closing Mountain View, CA show that LPLive released in 2007.


So join me in asking for the release of this show by the few people in the community that have it. Drop a comment and let them know you'd like to see this full show. Thanks guys! Hopefully this incredible recording will someday see the light of day for Linkin Park fans!

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Wrong... he said "and imma let you finish" AND not but... funny though, but the mistake kills the joke

Meh, we're a Linkin Park site, it's not a big deal lol. The point is about the show... the Kanye thing is more or less a joke. You take us too seriously sometimes :P

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