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09.11.2010 - Birmingham, England


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Today, Linkin Park plays in Birmingham, England for the 14th show of the European leg of the "A Thousand Suns" World Tour. This is their third show in the UK, with two more to come in London on the 10th and 11th. The LPU Summit will fall on those two days as well so LP is definitely going out with a bang in England. LP has played in Birmingham one time before (2003; show page here.) The last show in England was on the 5th in Newcastle (show page here). At that show, they played 'Papercut' and 'The Messenger' so it's likely that the other setlist with 'Lying From You' and 'Leave Out All The Rest' will be played in Birmingham.


At our last show of the tour in Madrid (show page here), LP played an hour long set after soundchecking a short set in front of the fans. They rarely do this so I suggest checking out the YouTube videos (

or here) of that. A great one of 'Waiting For The End' can be found here, a one of 'Papercut' from the front row
and one of 'Faint', 'Empty Spaces' and 'When They Come For Me'


Another good one for 'When They Come For Me' here. Yes, this means we have to edit the show page for Madrid with more songs for the soundcheck since we were wrong! One of the takes of 'Waiting For The End' was after 'Papercut' too. I actually didn't discover that until I was writing this post, so I'll make the changes soon. So who besides me is super jealous all those fans got to see a lengthy soundcheck as well as the full show? Chester even says in

that it's the largest soundcheck they've ever played. I added a video of the proshot of 'Papercut'...one of the best 'Papercut' performances I've seen in a while.



Here's our latest 'Bleed It Out' / 'A Place For My Head' mashup (Madrid):



Looking good, isn't it? So who's going to Birmingham? Any international fans already getting ready to leave for the London shows & LPU Summit? Excited?



01. The Requiem

02. Wretches And Kings

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. New Divide

06. Faint

07. Empty Spaces

08. When They Come For Me

09. No More Sorrow

10. Jornada Del Muerto

11. Waiting For The End

12. Wisdom, Justice, And Love

13. Iridescent

14. Numb

15. The Radiance (Live Version)

16. Breaking The Habit

17. Shadow Of The Day

18. Crawling (w/ a fan "Chris" on guitar, playing Mike's part) (first ever on Crawling, first time at all since April 28, 2007)

19. One Step Closer


20. Fallout

21. The Catalyst

22. Leave Out All The Rest

23. In The End

24. What I've Done

25. Bleed It Out (w/ 'Reading My Eyes' verse 1 over intro, 'A Place For My Head' verse 1 & bridge over bridge)

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today is going to be the freakin fuckin day of my entire life After waiting to see them for 7 years , it happens today hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) , i wish they do some mash ups and play "WITH YOU" , c u guys today there lets rock! :D

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Third and final show of the tour for me :). Not too bothered which set they end up playing cos i saw them at Manchester and Newcastle, but i really do love the Messenger live. We'll see what happens! If they threw the full version of Place For My Head in again it would be awesome but seems doubtful just for the Birmingham show!


Excited to hear what happens at the Summit and the two London dates for the people that can go. Hope everyone enjoys the show tonight (especially Aravind as you've been waiting for so long!). See everyone at the Music for Relief booth :)

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I'll be a little disappointed if they play LFY and LOATR again as I saw them in manchester and have seen them played every time I've seen LP so far. I haven't seen papercut live in over 2 years so it would be fairly nice to see it again as it kicks so much ass live and the messenger is awesome live from the videos I've seen. Unfortunately as they played those 2 songs 2 nights running I'm assuming they switch back. I just really can't understand LOATR in the encore it makes absolutely no sense - it's not one of their biggest songs in fact I think it may have been the least recognised single from MTM or maybe that was given up but still it's just in completely the wrong place :/

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Have fun guys!


I'm attending both Summit days and the show tomorrow. Has anyone got a meet and greet for London yet?? It's tomorrow and so far I haven't seen anybody on the LPU say they have got a M&G and there are over 220 LPU members attending that show!

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I can't wait for the summit even though there is no way I could possibly have attended it. Why? Because the LPUX Tracklisting is finally going to be revealed at it.



The full show was on spanish TV apparently. An HD version is out soon.

No, it hasn't been broadcasted here.



I'm feeling a bit better about missing the Madrid show since I told Mike yesterday how I felt and he wrote me back saying they hope to be back soon. Thanks Mike!

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