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  1. Are we sure Chester is off drugs?
  2. Also Proshots of Requiem/W&K (sick) and New Devide have popped up on YouTube. Any idea where those are coming from? Hope there'll be more, cool show ...
  3. My thought exactly. No way I'm going to buy these shows again; seeing how the new LPU is shaping up, I guess I'm going to need that money ... Unfortunately I've so far been unsuccessful with my search on those "magic sites" ...
  4. Before you get your panties in a bunch, I'm not requesting official material here, I just wasn't sure in which forum to post this. I bought the "recently" released DPS's for the Australia/New Zealand 2007 tour, but what I guess must have been some virus erased the one folder that held my LP live recordings. I had back-ups for most of the stuff, but not those particular shows. It's seems like I can't download them again, and the support so far hasn't returned my inquiries. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks for those links, nicely done. That reminds be though, I thought I had the rip of the AAC 2003 webcast but I can't find it anymore; is that one available somewhere, or could someone upload that one as well to go along with the audio?
  6. Too bad. But who needs festivals like these when they do a badass German/European Project Rev? At least that's what I make of this news. Would be only reasonable after the success last year ...
  7. Thanks for that. Would it also be possible to get the Let Down performance ripped?
  8. Could someone please fill me in on the latest status concerning the acoustic renditions of the OOA songs that were supposed to come up some time? I think it was at those "first listen and review" sessions where those were mentioned, but also at other occasions if I'm not mistaken. Do we know when they'll come, or in what form? Do we know if they will be from a performance that is still to come or from a session already recorded? Thanks.
  9. There's also a contest going on: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/contests/dbs_contest.htm
  10. Check out the latest interview with Chester on ultimate-guitar.com! Excerpts: I’ve been friends with Ryan and Amir for 10 years now – and close friends. We hang out. When I’m not touring with Linkin Park, I’m with Ryan and Amir. We have plans today where we’re hanging out at the pool. They’re more family than anything else. Howard was on the list and said he was available to do it and work on it with me. I had met with a couple producers before. One I don’t want to name who it was because I don’t want to talk bad about him. It was the most uninspiring meeting that I’ve ever had. It was like, “Wow. I would rather cut my face off than to go through this again!” The longer Linkin Park is around, the more difficult it is to find a place that we fit in best. Are we a pop band? Are we an alternative rock group? Are we a modern rock act? Are we a metal group? Or are we something else? Nobody knows what the hell is going on with us anymore, and I think that’s something that will propel us into being a better band in the future. I think it sets us apart. I do believe this [next Linkin Park] record is definitely going to help make that more difficult for people to understand. In terms of how it sounds, we’ve got 40 songs. A handful of them are amazing. A dozen or so are really good, and the rest could have potential. The ones that are pretty amazing and the ones that everyone is pretty much like, “As long as the lyrics are great, the song is a masterpiece” – they are really fucking good. It’s kind of nuts. From my perspective when I hear them, I can’t believe that I’m in this band. I can’t believe this is the stuff that I’m a part of making. I’m sharing the same stage as some of the most talented people in the world and have one of the best producers in the history of music. We’re making groundbreaking stuff, and it’s very strange to be part of that. Full interview: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/interviews/...ing_i_want.html Thoughts?
  11. I'm ready for OOA. about three hours until stores open in Japan. Meanwhile, new clips! Really like the Too Late chorus ... But I'm disappointed in what I hear from In The Darkness. The virtuosity that Chester injects into the chorus through his voice as heard in the acoustic performance is completely lost in the studio recording, making the song a lot less interesting. A typical "singer's song", with a bland vocal performance ... I can only scratch my head about the production of a lot of the songs. Bring on the acoustic renditions!
  12. Just can't be. I'm sure they've done a new recording along with the other stuff since the JK remix back then, and this one here has at the very least the same vocal track as the old remix. Actually almost every track is the same, including the keyboard bridge. If this is the real thing ... well that would be one cheap bonus.
  13. Eh ... is the one linked on bazinga! the Japan Bonus version you guys talk about? If that one is legit then it would be a huge disappointment, because I don't hear much of a difference to the JK remix version, and I don't like that one very much. Actually I'm inclined to say it's fake, and just a fan-made remix of the remix. But maybe I downloaded the wrong one?! Anyway, apart from the original acoustic version, I like the performance by BOW at Club Tattoo form a while back best (you know, that show of which those awful audio recordings exist), with a really kick-ass guitar solo. I was hoping for a similarly straight forward rock rendition as studio version. Oh well ...
  14. Here are also clips, but unfortunately they are the same. Same here. Damn it. Btw, has this promo video here already come up somewhere before?
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