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04.11.2010 - Manchester, England


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Linkin Park begins their UK leg of the European Tour tonight in Manchester, England at the MEN Arena. This will be the 11th show of the European leg for the band. LP is no stranger to Manchester, having played there as recently as January 2008 (show page here), which really just seems like yesterday. That was the show where Mike fucked up the 'It's Goin' Down' rap intro to 'Points Of Authority' because some fans in the front row started rapping 'Petrified' instead. It was also where part of the 'Given Up' music video was filmed! They played the exact same arena in 2003 (show page here) on their November UK tour, where they opened with 'Papercut' and where Mike rapped a verse of 'Standing In The Middle' over 'Nobody's Listening'. That was the first tour that 'Breaking The Habit' was ever played on!


They played Manchester's Apollo twice in early 2001 opening for the Deftones (show pages here and here). Nothing really remarkable happened at those shows...but LP changed the setlist up entirely for the second show, so this could possibly be the first time they ever played the same venue twice on one tour. The band returned later that year only a few days after Sept. 11 to headline the Apollo (show page here), and that show was the first time 'My December' was added to their touring setlist. I believe that was the second time it was ever played (the KROQ 2000 show was the first)! They also played at the Apollo on the LPU 2003 tour (show page here). Common recordings exist of ALL of these shows.


So this should make this their sixth appearance in Manchester!


Here's our latest tour jam....this is 'Bleed It Out' with 'Reading My Eyes' and 'Burning In The Skies' over it in Frankfurt.


What's in store for the UK leg of the tour? Who from LPLive is going to Manchester? Anyone have a M&G? Do you guys think the band will continue to experiment with 'Bleed It Out'? What else would you like to see Mike rap over it?


Tomorrow the band plays in Newcastle, UK (ironically, Newcastle in Australia was just added to their tour dates down under) before taking a day off and heading to the MTV EMA's in Madrid. The rest of the 2010 tour dates can be found here.


Also if you didn't catch it, Mike posted about our website on his blog HERE.



01. The Requiem

02. Wretches and Kings

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. New Divide

06. Faint

07. Empty Spaces

08. When They Come For Me

09. No More Sorrow

10. Jornada Del Muerto

11. Waiting For The End

12. Wisdom, Justice & Love

13. Iridescent

14. Numb

15. The Radiance (Live Version)

16. Breaking The Habit

17. Shadow Of The Day

18. Crawling

19. One Step Closer


20. Fallout

21. The Catalyst

22. Leave Out All The Rest

23. In The End

24. What I've Done

25. Bleed It Out (A Place For My Head 1st Verse and Bridge over the Bleed It Out Bridge)

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I'm going to the meet and greet tonight :D! I might ask if they'll do some Xero stuff; I doubt they will, but it's worth a shot.

If you ask for xero we'll reading my eyes which isn't a bad thing but I think we should try and get mike to change it again to step up - would be sick :)

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ITS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



*and its out my system... for now*


got a meet and greet too. im asking mike to do "with you" over BIO. sorry "step up" lovers.

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If you want to make a super mashup of bleed it out, this is what I want:


extended intro w/ reading my eyes verse 1 (I'd like to hear verse 2 but probably will never done it)

extended bridge w/ a place for my head verse 1 or 2 and bridge

extended outro in similar manner to point of authority w/ There They Go or another verse

or maybe switch out RME in the outro and another verse in the intro;


I'm probably dreaming but if they could do something similar would be awesome!!!

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OMFG its here, its tonight!

On my way to Manchester now with a friend, spend the day there then getting to the venue about 4.

I no that i probably have no chance but i seriously would love to see a little variation to the set used throughout Europe but who knows!


See you guys there!

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Im attending the Birmingham gig next tuesday but aint got a meet and greet because had to cut my spending down due to the fact we have a baby coming. I tell u something it wud be good if chester would do Wish or Sweet Child Of Mine like in past shows that would be sweat. I think the UK shows and Australian shows could see diff setlists, i dont know y but i have a gut feeling that from there past 10 shows the setlist wont be the same, either they'll mix the songs around or add a couple others, common guys it LP they always got stuff up there sleaves to keep the fans happy.

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I listen to a bad quality YouTube video of Mike fucking up the intro, I didn't actually notice anything...

What does he actually mess up? Does he loose track, or does he say the wrong lyrics or what?

he messed up lyrics. he laughed and said "hell you guys fucked me up right here. that shit doeasnt usually happen" :D

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how do we know mike isnt registered to the site cause know1 will know his I.P address anyways, and he could easily set up an email address, how do we know he doesnt comment on the forums? and puts something on the wall that think could happen then does happen at one of the shows.

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