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  1. Damn you people know how to get things stirred up! lol Anyway, im stoked to see LP in Atlanta no matter the setlist! I'm just excited to have the money to go! Plus, like my top 5 favorite songs are ALL in that setlist.
  2. Fallout The Catalyst New Divide Given Up Wretches and Kings Papercut Lying From You Points of Authority No More Sorrow Robot Boy Jurnada Del Muerto Figure .09 From The Inside Wisdom,Justice,and Love Iridescent Breaking The Habit Numb Crawling In The End Bleed It Out What Ive Done The Radience Burning In The Skies SomeWhere I Belong One Step Closer Faint Very reasonable and badass
  3. Sweet! More summits! Hope the US one is near Atlanta!!
  4. Just do what Papa Roach did. Do a greatest hits album with like 5 or so new songs on it.
  5. If you get the M&G, don't forget to mention your the creator of this site and they'll probably do something very special for you.
  6. Sounds like a plan man. We'll figure it all out when it gets closer.
  7. Link to that please because im pretty sure he meant Projekt Revolution wasn't happening in 2009 or 2010.
  8. SWEET!! We get the first part of the tour! Ill for sure be at Tampa and Atlanta. Wanna meet up Hahninator?
  9. If anyone finds a decent video of From The Inside let me know please. Thanks (:
  10. I love these videos. It puts you in a surreal environment. To bad my life sucks so much and reality hits me in the face as soon as the video is over.
  11. Do a 2nd encore The Requiem The Radiance Burning In The Skies Blackout Would be badass lol
  12. Aw man. Oh well. Hope we get our mystery song in the encore.
  13. Are they playing instruments or they just chilling on stage? If there playing, is Alex one of them? thatd be beast because hes a badass
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