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  1. I've got a tape with the Nottingham rock city gig on. Pretty sure lying from you doesn't skip. How do I rip a tape? Is it worth anything?
  2. I think you guys are all missing the point. His voice hasn't changed he's just grown lazy, after performing stranuas songs every night hes just found the easiest way to sing them! Look at the early performances of crawling for example? by the last chorus you can see hes in pain.lol Also people have been saying about chester holding the scream on given up live? I don't recall this ever happening(with the exception of the Third encore session and the aol session) so if there is a live show can you point me in the direction cause it would be awesome to hear it?
  3. im not fussed if i get to hear them. If I wanna hear them I can just put the cds on.lol Although I guess we should make the most of them playing most of ATS because in about a years time we will all be moaning about songs that have been perminatly benched!
  4. I know it won't happen but this show is an ideal opportunity for the guys to pull out some old songs. They always get concerned with crowd members not knowing all the songs, but at this venue the crowd will be hardcore lp fans only.
  5. i can dream! 1. And One(with interlude) 2. When they come for me 3. wretchs and kings 4. Forgotten 5. Somewhere I belong 6. Given Up 7. QWERTY 8. One step closer 9. Hit the floor 10.The Catalyst(Fallout intro) 11. By Myself 12. In Pieces 13. Crawling(reanimation intro and outro) 14. Breaking The Habit 15. Pretend to be 16. The little things give you away 17. Waiting for the end 18. Burniing in the skies 19. Blackout 20. Bleed it out(with drum solo) encore 21. With you(2001 intro) 22. Points of authority 23. Faint 24. What I've Done 25. The Messenger EDIT: just realised Im far to late. Also looking at everyone elses, I think mines abit to weird.lol
  6. i couldn't agree more. i want to beable to relive those moments, not listen and think...."this is where he messed up but it was cool"
  7. hate to ruin the surprise but theyre gonna play from the inside tonight. check lpa!
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